These 15+ Records IU Holds Proves Why She Is The Indisputable Queen Of K-Pop

These 15+ Records IU Holds Proves Why She Is The Indisputable Queen Of K-Pop

IU is truly the nation’s sweetheart.

IU has had a meteoric career as a solo artist in K-Pop, and throughout her fourteen years, she’s been breaking record after record. These 17 records are the highlights of all her achievements, proving why she’s the indisputable Queen of K-Pop.

1. She’s the first Korean female artist to hold a concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

IU’s “The Golden Hour: Under The Orange Sun” Concert will be held from 9/16-9/17 this year, making her the first Korean female artist (including soloists and girl groups) to perform at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

2. “Through The Night”

“Through the Night” is one of IU’s most loved songs, and with 7.5 million unique listeners on MelOn, it’s the first song by a female artist to reach this milestone.

3. Most Songs With A Perfect All-Kill

With a whopping 21 songs, IU has the most songs with a perfect all-kill (when a song simultaneously reaches number one on the real-time, daily, and weekly components of iChart).

4. Arist With The Most Unique Listeners

IU has six songs with over 6 million unique listeners on MelOn, making her the only artist to reach this milestone in the platform’s history.

5. Most Digital Points On Circle Chart

IU’s Love Poem and LILAC hold the top two spots for albums with the most digital points. These albums have over 3.6 billion points each, and Love Poem is the first and only album in Circle history to surpass 3.8 billion points.

6. Surpassing 7 Million Followers On Spotify

IU is the first Korean female soloist to achieve this milestone, proving that she’s loved by everyone worldwide.

7. Seven of her songs have spent at least 500 consecutive days on MelOn Daily Chart Top 100.

Every song IU puts out is a masterpiece.

8. Billboard K-Pop Hot 100

IU is the artist with the most weeks at number one, the most number-one debuts, and the most number-one hits on Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 Chart.

| Wikipedia

| Wikipedia

9. Broker had the longest standing ovation for any Korean film in history.

Whether as an actress or as an idol, IU is breaking records wherever she goes.

10. Most Songs With Over 1 Billion Digital Index In Gaon’s History

While Gaon has reinvented itself as Circle Chart, it doesn’t change the fact that IU has broken many records on the music chart.

11. Most Followed Singer On MelOn

She’s only 3,000 away from reaching 800k.

12. She’s the first female solo artist to hold a concert in Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

Jamsil Olympic stadium isn’t the only first IU’s scored when it comes to concerts.

13. Youngest On Forbes’ List Of “Asia’s 2019 Heroes Of Philanthropy”

IU has the most generous and humble heart.

14. Most Watched Female K-Pop Soloist On YouTube

3.25 billion views prove how in love with IU people are.

15. Most Music Show Wins As A Solo Artist

It’s 96 wins now, and that number will only climb higher.

16. Most Downloaded Album In Gaon History

The only records IU is breaking now are her own records.

17. LILAC Is IU’s Most Award-Winning Album.

43 awards for just a single album is the only mic drop needed to silence anyone questioning her power.

Source: KOreaboo