The Six Female Idols Who Trended This Year Due To Their Visuals

The Six Female Idols Who Trended This Year Due To Their Visuals

There are key visual members who trend year after year as they garner much attention for their beauty.

With the beauty trend always changing, new visual members take center stage and become the key visual member of an idol group.

In 2022, there were new visual members who trended this year thanks to their exceptional beauties that caught the attention of fans and netizens. So here are the six female idols who trended this year, thanks to their visuals.

aespa's Winter

Garnered attention, especially for her puffy cheeks, and gained the nickname of 'Winter dumpling.'

NMIXX's Sullyoon

She became the center member after netizens posted countless online community posts praising her beauty.

(G)I-DLE's Minnie

She was always seen as the visual member of (G)I-DLE but garnered much attention for her chic visual during the "TOMBOY" promotion.

Red Velvet's Joy

No words are needed for Joy's visuals, but she recently showed off another legendary beauty through the latest promotion with 'ReVe - Feel My Rhythm.'

IVE's Jang Won Young

Jang Won Young has always been at the center of attention with her princess-like beauty, but recently fans are swooning over the mirror choreography for "LOVE DIVE."


LE SSERAFIM made its debut this month amidst much anticipation and attention. Kazuha has been at the center of attention as many netizens and fans found her graceful visuals fit for this generation. They found Kazuha's visuals stunning at the debut showcase.

Source: Allkpop