THE L1VE Updates About MAMAMOO Wheein Sustaining Eye Injury On Stage

THE L1VE Updates About MAMAMOO Wheein Sustaining Eye Injury On Stage

MAMAMOO’s Wheein’s agency has shared an update on the artist’s recent injury.

On September 24, MAMAMOO performed at the Incheon Airport Sky Festival. When fireworks went off during their performance, the residual dust got in Wheein’s eye, injuring the artist and giving her no choice but to sit out the remainder of the group’s set.

THE L1VE Shares Update After MAMAMOO’s Wheein Sustains Eye Injury On Stage

Soon after the incident, Wheein’s agency THE L1VE provided the following statement to clarify the situation and update fans on her condition:

Hello, this is THE L1VE.

Today, our agency artist Wheein experienced pain in the eye due to residue from a stage effect device while completing her activities. Right after the incident occurred, she visited the hospital and received a detailed eye examination. With the examination results, she received a diagnosis of a cornea wound from a foreign body.

Currently, she is resting after being prescribed with the appropriate treatment and medicine. If there is a change in her future schedule, we will announce it in a separate notice.

In order to quickly update MooMoo [MAMAMOO’s fan club] who must have been surprised at the news about Wheein today, we ask for your understanding for the late night notice. We also apologize for causing worry for MooMoo, who always show support for Wheein, with this unintentional accident.

TheL1ve label updates fans on MAMAMOO Wheein's eye injury sustained during  the Incheon Airport Sky Concert Kpop Concert | allkpop

In the future, for Wheein’s full recovery, we will proceed with activities while prioritizing our artist’s health.

Thank you.

hourly wheein (@wheeinhourly) / Twitter

Wishing Wheein a quick recovery!

Source: Soompi