T-ARA Confirmed To Make First Comeback after 4 Years

T-ARA Confirmed To Make First Comeback after 4 Years

K-pop second-generation legend, T-ARA, is making a comeback!

Back on July 29 KST, T-ARA held a special V Live broadcast to have a casual chat with fans and to celebrate their 12th anniversary since their debut. There, they delivered good news that QUEEN'S (T-ARA fandom) have been waiting for.

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T-ARA Preparing to Make First Comeback after 4 Years

During the almost two-hour long live broadcast, the four T-ARA members revealed to fans some highly-awaited news - that they are currently preparing to make their comeback for the first time as a group after more than four years since their last comeback!

T-ARA member Hyomin said, "There have been so many people waiting for us. Our fans have been waiting for such a long time. How long has it been already? It was 2017 the last time we had released an album. Four years have already passed."


(Photo : Instagram: @hyominnn)

Hyomin adds that making a comeback now seems to be the right time for them. She also reveals that whenever the members of T-ARA met up together, they would always talk about the possibility of them making a group comeback together. However, they had to face a lot of hurdles.

"This time, however, we think we have found an opportunity [to make a comeback], and we think it is the right time for us to be taking advantage of that opportunity. So right now we are currently working hard to prepare for the comeback," said Hyomin.

The other three members also confirmed the news, announcing that they are making a comeback.


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Fellow "Bo Peep Bo Peep" singer, Jiyeon, asked the question of when their comeback would be. However, she reveals that they don't have a precise comeback date yet.

"Honestly, it might take a long time, right? But it will be before the end of this year. Before the start of winer," continued Hyomin.

Upon Hyomin's answer, the other members scolded her for giving too much information away. But, Hyomin just repeated her answer to fans saying the comeback will be before the first snow.

The four members joked, "It isn't going to snow in October, is it?" Bringing up the possibility that the comeback may happen in October.

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Check out T-ARA V Live broadcast here:

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T-ARA Returns as 4-Member Group

Over the years, T-ARA became a nine-member group at one point, after members were added and departed.

Following the bullying controversy that surrounded T-ARA and former member Hwayoung, and after being on a hiatus for almost five years, the group made their comeback with four-members back in 2017.

In 2017, T-ARA released their ninth mini-album, "What's My Name?," with the remaining members Jiyeon, Hyomin, Qri, and Eunjung.

The mini-album entered multiple music charts, and also led T-ARA to win their first music show trophy after five years on SBS' "The Show."

Listen to "What's My Name?" here:

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