Stray Kids Hyunjin and Truth Behind His Dating Rumors with aespa Karina

Stray Kids Hyunjin and Truth Behind His Dating Rumors with aespa Karina

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Hyunjin is one of the most popular members of Stray Kids, which has led many to wonder if the male idol's relationship status. If you want to learn more about his dating rumors with aespa member Karina, his ideal type and more, then keep on reading!

Stray Kids Hyunjin Relationship 2021 — The Truth Behind His Dating Rumors with aespa Karina

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Did Stray Kids' Hyunjin Date aespa's Karina? Here's the Truth

Back on September 6, 2021, a user on the South Korean online community forum Pann Nate shared a post titled "Stray Kids' Hyunjin and aespa's Karina." The post soon went viral in South Korea, with more than 50,000 views.

In the post, the internet user shared a photo of Hyunjin with his phone open, showing the lock screen. The user claimed the picture was a selfie of Karina, which led many to believe the two were in a relationship.

Hyunjin Karina

(Photo : Pann Nate)

In another photo, a screenshot of both idol's usernames on the Dear U. Lysn Bubble application was shared. Both Karina and Hyunjin ended their username with a blue heart emoji.

Additionally, both their usernames ended with -ie. Karina's username reads as "Jimin-ie," a reference to her real name, Yoo Jimin. Meanwhile, Hyunjin's reads as "Hyunjin-ie."

Hyunjin Karina

(Photo : Dear U. Lysn Bubble)

Another user made a GIF to prove that Hyunjin's background was, in fact, Karina. An internet user superimposed Karina's selfie over Hyunnjin's lock screen. Since the photos matched up well, people believed the two were dating.

Karina Hyunjin

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However, Hyunjin quickly put a stop to these rumors. The idol took to Bubble to share a screenshot of his current lock screen. Hyunjin explained that a photo is a croquis of a man and woman kissing and that he chose the image since his heart fluttered while watching a drama.


(Photo : Dear. U Lysn Bubble)

Additionally, Hyunjin changed his username from a blue heart emoji to a red heart emoji.

With that, Hyunjin shut down all speculation that he was dating aespa member Karina. Neither JYP Entertainment nor SM Entertainment released a statement on the matter.

Stray Kids Hyunjin Relationship Status 2021 + Ideal Type

As of the time of writing, Hyunjin has not been confirmed to be publicly dating anyone. Because of that, it is safe to assume that the "God's Menu" singer is single.


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However, he has revealed what his ideal type is! According to SoMagNews.Com, Hyunjin's ideal type is someone charming and someone who is passionate about life. He wants to date someone who can take care of him and show him all his love.

Additionally, the male idol wants to end up with someone who is not afraid to express their ideas and feelings but still has a touch of shyness to them.

Do you match Hyunjin's ideal type?

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