SM Entertainment Reveals 3 New Trainees From SM Rookies

SM Entertainment Reveals 3 New Trainees From SM Rookies

SM Entertainment has announced their newest trio of top trainees!

On July 2 at midnight KST, SM Entertainment took to their SM Rookies Twitter account, which hasn’t posted since the start of 2019, to share photos of three new trainees part of this pre-debut team.

The newly introduced members of SM Rookies include Eunseok, Seunghan, and Shohei. Check out their photos below!


Eunseok was born in 2001.

He's the visual.


Seunghan was born in 2003.

He's good at singing and dancing.


Shohei was born in 1996. He's Japanese.

He's good at rapping and DJ.

SM Rookies is the agency’s pre-debut team consisting of their best trainees. The last time SM Rookies was active was at the start of 2019, when current NCT members Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang were trainees.

Stay tuned for more information about these new trainees and their potential upcoming debuts!

Source: Soompi