'#PTD_ON_STAGE_LA': How Much Did BTS Earn from the 4-Day Concert?

'#PTD_ON_STAGE_LA': How Much Did BTS Earn from the 4-Day Concert?

Can you guess?

BTS held a successful four-day sold-out concert in the United States with their "Permission to Dance on Stage" concert, and made another milestone by having the largest gross at only one venue. But how much did the septet earn from the four-day show?

BTS Earns Millions from 'Permission To Dance on Stage - LA' Concert Tickets and Merchandise

During the face-to-face performance held by BTS for the first time in two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the boys set a remarkable record once again by having a huge ticket revenue with just a single concert venue.


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BTS 'Permission to Dance On Stage' Day 3 at the SoFi Stadium

The Billboard box score and touring data showed that BTS sold 214,000 tickets and recorded an income of 33 million dollars during their four-day concert.

Moreover, the earnings from the fourth day of the "PTD On Stage - L.A.," which was broadcast on live streaming last December 2, was estimated to be about 28.6 million dollars.

In addition, the sales of merchandise from the concert would make BTS' earnings even higher. This is if every visitor purchased one purple "PTD On Stage - L.A." concert t-shirt, which is 34 dollars each. It can also be seen that ARMYs were holding BTS photo cards, ARMY balm, stationery, masks, hats, and lightsticks. The grand total of the sales from BTS' merchandise would be over six million dollars.


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So, how much did BTS earn during the four-day concert in L.A.? It would approximately be 67.6 million dollars, adding the tickets of both face-to-face and online streaming and the merchandise.

BTS Ranks Second For Having the Biggest Box Office Concert in North America

With BTS' record of $33 million in ticket sales, the group ranks second in the history of concerts in North America. It is so far the biggest box office hit in 18 years since Bruce Springsteen performed at the Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, in 2003. Moreover, it is also the biggest ticket sales for a single venue in nine years since Pink Floyd's Roger Waters' concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2012.

BTS Permission to Dance on Stage LA

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Because of this, BTS ranked sixth on the global box score box office chart.

In total, BTS sold 2 million tickets for their 60 concerts and earned $256.9 million in revenue. Out of these, 751,864 tickets were sold for 31 performances in the US market alone, earning $113.6 million in revenue.

As a result, Hive stock went up to 300 dollars per share, and its market cap increased to 11,725,444.50 dollars. Meanwhile, members Jin, RM, and J-Hope sold some of the shares they owned and cashed out about 10 billion won.

BTS Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook Returns To South Korea

BTS members Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook, arrived at Incheon International Airport in South Korea after their successful concert at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. The other four members are also set to return to South Korea, and their departure date is to be revealed soon. They are said to be spending some time in Los Angeles before returning.

BTS Takes a Break Following Successful 4-Day Concert in LA + To Prepare for New Album, Concert in Seoul

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Meanwhile, the first three members of the septet went through quarantine procedures and are now undergoing self-quarantine for 10 days.