Netizens Gush Over How Much NewJeans’ Danielle Looks Just Like A Disney Character

Netizens Gush Over How Much NewJeans’ Danielle Looks Just Like A Disney Character

What is a “disney-type face”?

Korean netizens sure love categorizing faces into different looks. We have the “puppy-face“…

Actor Seo Kang Joon. | Fantagio

…the “cat-face“…

BLACKPINK’s Jennie. | YG Entertainment

…even the “free-pass face“, as in, getting a free pass in job interviews, meeting the parents, and more!

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo. | Naver x Dispatch

Now, netizens have coined a new type of face. Enter, the “Disney-type face“. The idol who inspired this new category is none other than NewJeansDanielle.

NewJeans' Danielle is gaining popularity with females as fans say she has  the visuals to star in a Disney high teen drama | allkpop

As a half-Korean and half-Australian teen, she has the perfect mix of Asian and Western features. This blessed her with large eyes, a small face, a high nose bridge, and full lips.

Her face reminds everyone of a Disney channel main character! This refers to both animated and live-action, of course!

Taking a look at the animated princesses of Disney…

| Disney

…as well as some of the old Disney Channel Original Movies, we totally get what they mean! Danielle looks like a princess, but with a bright and down-to-earth image as well.

Ice Princess poster. | Disney

Netizens praised her visuals for looking very princess-like.

Netizen reactions to Danielle’s visuals. | theqoo

  • “Her face is so small that if I stood next to her I’d look like the Moai statues.”
  • “I’m moved. She’s so pretty and talented.”
  • “Is she for real? She’s the top visual of the 4th gen according to my standards.”
  • “Please take a princess-concept photoshoot. So pretty.”
  • “Her wink is insane.”
  • “F*cking pretty.”
  • “Such a princess.”

We certainly agree that she belongs in Disney with such visuals! For now, we’ll settle for watching her on stage though.

Source: Koreaboo