NCT Taeyong Worries Fans After His Performance At The 'Show! Music Core'

NCT Taeyong Worries Fans After His Performance At The 'Show! Music Core'

Fans are worried after seeing NCT 127's Taeyong perform at the 'Show! Music Core.'

About a week ago, we learned that NCT‘s Taeyong has been dealing with serious back pain and ongoing problems that, according to him, sometimes cause paralysis in his legs.

The injury goes back to even before Taeyong debuted, since he has dealt with a herniated lower back disc prior to becoming an idol. During the “Cherry Bomb” era, his back pain was further exacerbated due to the intense choreography, and there have been other dances throughout NCT’s career that have put not only Taeyong’s body at risk of injury, but the other members as well.

Since the revelation of just how severe his back injury is, fans have expressed their concern for Taeyong’s health, wishing that SM Entertainment would let him take a break to recover more fully and get treatment. Unfortunately, however, with the promotion of their new song “Ay-yo”, it seems that the NCT 127 member has been working harder than ever, further worrying fans.

The group performed their new song on Music Core on February 11, and ended up taking first place for “Ay-yo” during the same episode. While the members, including Taeyong, put on their usual high-energy and charismatic performance, fans couldn’t help but notice that there was visual evidence of Taeyong’s ongoing back injury.

The clips below capture a moment when his hand appears to shake uncontrollably, after which he grimaces and clenches his hand in a fist seemingly in an attempt to make it stop.

Caption: It breaks my heart to see his hand tremble. From international tours to comeback promotions, he’s pushing himself. I feel like it’s worsening his neck and spine disc herniation, and I’m super worried. Please take Taeyong to see a doctor, d*mn SM Entertainment.

At the end of the below fancam around the 3:40 mark, you can also see him grip his left hand in his right, and then shake out his left hand while turning away from the audience.

With that kind of trembling, people are concerned that Taeyong might be dealing with nerve damage from his back injury. And since he’s the kind of person that has pushed through the pain he’s dealt with in the past in order not to worry fans, NCTzens are concerned with just how much pain he’s enduring now.

  • Please stay healthy… T-T
  • Oh, no… That’s concerning
  • WTF? That’s a lot of tremors. It looks like he’s in a pretty bad condition
  • Huh? But he told his fans that his spine was OK during a fansign yesterday. I guess that’s not true
  • What?! Does back pain cause symptoms in the hands, too? Oh, geez. I think it’d be best for him to take some time off and get rehab
  • OMG, looking at his hand shake, I was reminded of my roommate from grad school. She ended up getting surgery and taking six months off school. That’s how serious the symptom is
  • Oh no… T-T
  • Whoa, it looks pretty bad

Some others have commented on the issue as well, sharing their own experiences with back and nerve damage and their hope that Taeyong is able to be treated for whatever it is that he’s dealing with.

We also hope that Taeyong gets the treatment he needs in order to make a full recovery from his injury, and that he’s able to get the rest that he deserves!

Source: Koreaboo