NCT 127’s “2 Baddies” Was Not Originally As G-Rated

NCT 127’s “2 Baddies” Was Not Originally As G-Rated

It could have been a lot different…

NCT 127 recently made their comeback with their 4th album, 2 Baddies and the title track of the same name.

“2 Baddies” cover. | SM Entertainment

“2 Baddies” is exactly that NCT 127 synthy sound we have come to know and love. The repeated hook “two baddies, two baddies, one Porsche” will live in our heads rent-free from now on.

I can say that ‘2 Baddies’ is practically NCT 127 itself. As you can tell from the music video, it shows a good balance of our team’s neo concept and the members’ mischievous vibes. — Taeyong

Yet, that catchy hook was originally a lot less “kid friendly.” While “2 Baddies” became the name of both the title track and its album, it originally had a different name.

NCT 127 | SM Entertainment

An NCTzen who had received their album posted a picture of the description for “2 Baddies.” The original title was “2 B*tches 1 Porsche.”

NCTzens were low-key disappointed that it was ever changed.

Regardless, some can’t unhear it. So, even if it’s now “2 Baddies,” they’re going to hear something else.

We know the demo is out there somewhere! So, can someone drop it already?

This wouldn’t be the first time that an NCT song originally contained profanity. Grammy-nominated producer Dem Jointz previously revealed that NCT 127’s iconic “Cherry Bomb” line “I’m the biggest hit” was originally “I’m the biggest sh*t in this b*tch.”

They just had it in Korean from the beginning. The ‘I’m the biggest hit on the stage’ part is similar to what the demo was, but the demo was crazy like we was spazzin’ out super super nasty. Like every word was a curse word, those are the type of songs that I love. — Dem Jointz

And while WayV‘s “Love Talk” is already pretty sexual, the demo version is even more explicit.

Will we ever get to the original “2 Baddies?”

Source: Koreaboo