Kpop Idols’ Leather Fashion That can Inspire Your Fall-Winter 2020 Wardrobe

Kpop Idols’ Leather Fashion That can Inspire Your Fall-Winter 2020 Wardrobe

Leather is so cool with the outfit

Among some of the traditional fall season fashion trends such as plaid, denim,...etc. There is one material we should not forget, which is leather.

Whether it's for the top or for the bottom attire, leather can really make our outfit become more fashionable with a lot of edge and character as well.

With the fall season finally having arrived in 2020, you can look at some of the amazing outfits that K-Pop idols have worn this season to inspire your seasonal wardrobe this year.

You can check them out below.


While it might be financially challenging to try and get the exact same outfit that Jennie wears because a lot of them are ridiculously expensive, you can always see how she matched her black leather items with the whole outfit.

Beige is also another great choice for the color of your leather jacket. It gives a really sophisticated look.


An oversized leather jacket can be the perfect outerwear to go with your dress or skirt.

For a bolder look, going both leathers on top and bottom can be done without looking too much like Cat Woman.

A more casual look can be put together like the one shown below. Having a nice belt like SunMi can be one way to give the whole look a defining point.

YeRi (Red Velvet)

Who says leather jackets always have to be black right? Red is also another popular choice for fashion-forward people.

TaeYeon (Girls' Generation)

The oversized leather jacket is an extremely convenient item as it can be thrown on literally almost any outfit.