Knet Talk About ENHYPEN's Live Stage And Sunghoon's 'wings' Performance At 2022 MMA

Knet Talk About ENHYPEN's Live Stage And Sunghoon's 'wings' Performance At 2022 MMA

ENHYPEN wowed netizens with their performance at the 2022 Melon Music Awards held on November 26.

With a 10-minute performance consisting of "Intro (New Moon), Blessed-Cursed, wings performance, dance break and Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)," ENHYPEN once again proved both their stage charisma and vocal-dance skills.In addition, ENHYPEN was one of the artists who did not "Live AR" at the 2022 MMA, despite their difficult choreography.

Theqoo and Pann nate users expressed their appreciation for ENHYPEN's live performance. (Other artists performing live: MeloMance, BE'O, MONSTA X, 10cm),

  1. - It must be hard to sing live for ENHYPEN and MONSTA X but they still did a good job
  2. - Hey, was ENHYPEN's performance live? Wow...
  3. - ENHYPEN sang live with their difficult choreography on their world tour so they improved a lot
  4. - Wow, ENHYPEN's live performance was so good
  5. - The reason why ENHYPEN performed for over 80,000 people from their first US tour was because of their good stage skills.
  6. - There's a reason ENHYPEN has so many overseas fans
  7. - It was more fun to watch the stage of singers who didn't do Live AR

  1. - ENHYPEN's live performances were always good
  2. - I think N family are good at live, NCT, ENHYPEN, NMIXX...
  3. - ENHYPEN was great
  4. - MONSTA X and ENHYPEN danced while singing live, daebak!
  5. - Watching ENHYPEN and MONSTA X's fancams, I can tell they're live
  6. - ENHYPEN surprised me, I like their performance
  7. - ENHYPEN dance was the hardest but they still sang it live
  8. - Look at this choreography

Also, ENHYPEN's Sunghoon had an individual VCR that was liked by netizens. In the vampire-themed "WINGS" performance after the VCR, all the members showed off their dancing skills.

  1. - Park Sunghoon makes everyone's hearts flutter with his vampire look
  2. - Sunghoon's atmosphere is perfect for a vampire concept
  3. - Park Sunghoon smashed the stage today
  4. - Sunghoon did well today too. Thanks for your hard work
  5. - He looks like the youngest prince of the vampire kingdom

Source: Allkpop