JYP Entertainment Under Fire For Its Treatment Of Stray Kids

JYP Entertainment Under Fire For Its Treatment Of Stray Kids

Fans are worried about further injuries.

The Idol Star Athletic Championship (commonly referred to as ISAC) is scheduled to return this year after being temporarily canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Netizens are conflicted about the return of the iconic broadcast, as they both enjoy the entertaining, chaotic moments but are also concerned about their idols’ health.


Stray Kids is one of the groups slated to attend this year’s ISAC, with filming taking place from July 30th through August 1st.

Fans are voicing their displeasure with the new schedule, pointing out how full Stray Kids’ schedule already is. The group has recently held their MANIAC world tour from June 28th through July 14th in the United States.

Stray Kids’ MANIAC tour | JYP Entertainment

After a short break, Stray Kids will fly to Japan to hold more concerts on July 26th and 27th.

With ISAC filming, Stray Kids will only have a two-day break before filming from July 30th through August 1st.

Shortly after, member Lee Know will resume being an MC on MBC‘s Music Core (August 8th), and all the members will perform at additional events on August 10th, 11th, 14th, and 20th.

Lee Know for MBC’s Music Core

Given Stray Kids’ popularity, fans had been mostly excited to see the group so active, especially since there had been a reasonable rest period without the inclusion of ISAC.

| @hhjs734kbias/Twitter

Unfortunately, not only is ISAC dangerous, but some of Stray Kids are already showing signs of injuries from their tour, including Hyunjin‘s confirmed injury that prevented him from using his arm.

| @hhjs734kbias/Twitter

Fans believe it would be incredibly unwise for Stray Kids to participate in an athletic competition with injuries while they are already tired, especially since the group won’t have much time after ISAC to rest before performing again.

Fans are comparing the schedule to when Stray Kids competed in ISAC after pre-recording for their “Levanter” promotions, which left the members sleeping throughout the broadcast.

Seungmin and Lee Know sleeping at ISAC

Felix, I.N, and Hyunjin sleeping at ISAC

In hopes that JYP Entertainment will protect their artists’ health, fans are trending both “#LET THEM REST” and “#Let Stray Kids Rest” on Twitter.

At this time, there is no further word from JYP Entertainment about Stray Kids’ upcoming schedules.

Source: Koreaboo