Just 10+ Recent BLACKPINK Photos And Videos That Make Us Feel Blessed To Be A BLINK In This Era

Just 10+ Recent BLACKPINK Photos And Videos That Make Us Feel Blessed To Be A BLINK In This Era

“BORN PINK” is already legendary.

BLACKPINK is finally returning to the music scene with their upcoming album BORN PINK. They recently celebrated their sixth anniversary, released teasers for their pre-release single, and had more group activities in general.

BLINKs could all agree that they looked gorgeous in every single schedule.

Check out proof of this below!

1. Group Title Poster 1

First up, the group’s first PINK VENOM title posters gained hundreds of thousands of likes in just a few hours.

Fierce or pretty? They were both!

2. Group Title Poster 2

The second wave of title posters served to hype up fans even more—and it worked.

3. Concept Teaser

The members had their own short videos that served as an extension of their first teaser image. With the same Mugler pink outfits and intense gazes, they were stunning.





4. August 8 Live Broadcast – Lisa and Jisoo

To celebrate their sixth anniversary, Lisa and Jisoo held a live broadcast together to hang out with fans. One of the most praise-worthy screenshots of them was the one that showed off their perfect side profiles.

Lisa (Left) and Jisoo (Right) | Weverse

5. Live Broadcast – Rosé and Jennie

The “Chaennie” pairing also went live later that night, and they made BLINKs smile with their cute interactions.

Rosé (Left) and Jennie (Right) | NAVER Live

6. Anniversary Video

Besides hanging out with fans, BLACKPINK also released a 6th anniversary greeting together. They all looked trendy and luxurious as expected of the global ambassadors of prominent brands.

BLACKPINK's sweet messages for BLINKs on the day of the 6th anniversary

7. Anniversary Video – Lisa

Lisa made the most noise online thanks to her copper hair color and half-bangs look, a new and unique combination for her.


8. Instagram Updated – Lisa

As if that wasn’t enough, she soon posted two bathroom mirror selfies that reminded everyone that sexy concepts fit her like a glove.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

9. Rosé

Another member who had a recent—and popular—Instagram post was Rosé, uploading mirror selfies that emphasized her S-line.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

10. Close Up Photos – Jennie

In both title posters, Jennie’s intense stare made it hard to look away from her.

11. Live Broadcast – Rosé and Jennie

On the other hand, both she and Rosé were the definitions of lovely when chatting with BLINKs.

12. Anniversary Upload – Jisoo

On the day of BLACKPINK’s anniversary, Jisoo posted a cute video of herself with a heart filter. She commented sweetly, Happy 6th Anniversary, BLINKs. I love you, I love you.”


And finally, BLACKPINK OT4 group shots always hit different.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

BLACKPINK is set to return to the music scene with their release of PINK VENOM on August 19.

Source: Koreaboo