Jisoo Always Supports BLACKPINK Members Despite Not Yet Having A Solo Song

Jisoo Always Supports BLACKPINK Members Despite Not Yet Having A Solo Song

BLACKPINK member Jisoo earns praise for always showing up to support her fellow members' solo debuts.

BLACKPINK Jisoo Proves She's the Best Unnie By Showing Endless Support for Members' Solo Debut

BLACKPINK member Lisa is currently promoting her solo debut LALISA on music shows.

On September 19, the BLACKPINK maknae performed on Inkigayo, making it her first solo performance on a weekly music show. While she appeared on the stage as a soloist, the group's eldest member, Jisoo, was actually with her behind-the-scenes to support her!

Jisoo Lisa

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BLACKPINK Jisoo and Lisa

Not only did the Snowdrop actress attend the music show for Lisa, but she also prepared candy for the staff members who were taking care of Lisa during her solo debut.

The candy included a packaging that read, "Please give lots of love to Lisa's 'LALISA.'"


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This is not the first time Jisoo has attended the early morning music shows to support her members' solo debut. She has done the same for Jennie's solo! In 2019, when Jennie SOLO was released and she was promoting on music shows, Jisoo came to the Inkigayo studio at 4 AM to support Jennie.

Jisoo personally prepared energy drinks for Jennie's solo debut for the dancers, staff members, and Jennie. In addition, she had custom stickers showing Jennie and Jisoo together and included a message asking everyone to stay energized and take care of her member.


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When Rosé was promoting On The Ground, Jisoo was unable to attend the early morning music shows, as she was filming Snowdrop at the time.

However, she still made sure to prepare a special gift for her fellow member. Jisoo personally ordered a giant candy with -R- on it, which is the name of Rosé's album. Jisoo also prepared jars of small candy with custom labels to show support for Rosé.


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Although Jisoo was not by Rosé's side physically, this meaningful gift must have meant a lot for the songstress.

But Jisoo does even more than just attend music shows for her members. She has even attended the music video shootings of her members! For example, while filming Lisa's LALISA music video, Jisoo acted as the idol's photographer, taking photos of Lisa behind-the-scenes. The images were then shared on social media.

Jisoo also accompanied Rosé while filming the music videos for "On The Ground" and Gone. Rosé even shared photos Jisoo took of her to her Instagram account!

How Did People React to BLACKPINK Jisoo Supporting Her Members' Solo Debut?

Many people were touched by Jisoo's loving personality and commended her for always being present in their solo debut activities. People believe that this show's Jisoo's true nature and praised her for being so selfless. The idol also earned praise for taking care not only of her members but the staff members who are working hard as well.


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Now, people are highly anticipating Jisoo's solo debut. She is the last member who will be making her solo debut, and no date has been confirmed as of the time of writing.

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