Jeon Somi Praised for Upgraded Visuals and Gets Compared to BLACKPINK Rosé

Jeon Somi Praised for Upgraded Visuals and Gets Compared to BLACKPINK Rosé

Jeon Somi is turning heads for her surreal beauty at the press conference for her latest single, "Dumb Dumb," and some are even comparing her to BLACKPINK's Rosé! Keep on reading for all the details.

Jeon Somi Earns Praise for Her Outstanding Visuals in Latest Press Conference

On August 2, Jeon Somi attended the press conference to promote her latest single, "Dumb Dumb." Following the event, Jeon Somi's beauty and visuals became a hot topic on numerous media outlets and online community forums.

The female idol born in 2001 is becoming more and more attractive, and people her long and slim legs.


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To prepare for the comeback, Jeon Somi showed off her hard work. Previously, on her Instagram Stories, Jeon Somi revealed she dropped to 46.6kg. However, despite how light she is, Jeon Somi flaunted her toned muscles and healthy figure during her press conference.

During the event, the female idol dyed her hair blonde and wore trendy nude make-up. Many complimented the idol's fairy-like visuals, as well as for her luxurious, fancy, and unmistakable aura on stage. Jeon Somi showed off her strong and seductive atmosphere like a Hollywood star, and many are looking forward to Jeon Somi's solo stages for this promotional period.

Jeon Somi

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Jeon Somi changed into a luxurious, tight sequin dress during the interview portion of the press conference. Though the photos were not retouched, Jeon Somi looks like she came straight out of a magazine.

Jeon Somi's Visuals Gets Compared to BLACKPINK Rosé

Jeon Somi revealed that she chose to dye her hair blonde because she wanted to change her image, and she knew that fans to see this hair color on the idol. However, after she dyed her hair, many online communities and social media users commented that Somi's image is starting to resemble BLACKPINK member Rosé.


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The two both have blonde hair, slim bodies, and a luxurious aura. Perhaps it is because both artists are under YG Entertainment — with Rosé under the main YG Entertainment Somi under The Black Label, a subsidiary of the company — they are starting to have similar concepts.

Some even say that at some moments, Jeon Somi looks like the twin sister of Rosé!

Jeon Somi

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Jeon Somi Makes Comeback With Single 'Dumb Dumb'

On August 2, Jeon Somi made her much-anticipated comeback with the single "Dumb Dumb." Upon the song's release, "Dumb Dumb" debuted at number 3 and at number twenty-nine on the Bugs and Genie charts, respectively. This is Jeon Somi's first release in over a year, with her last release being "What You Waiting For" in July 2020.

Lyrically, "Dumb Dumb" speaks about the heart of a teenage girl trying to appear herself to her high school crush. Jeon Somi is credited as one of the lyricists of the song.