ITZY’s “CHECKMATE” Album Cover Has Been Changed After Fans Complained About The Original

ITZY’s “CHECKMATE” Album Cover Has Been Changed After Fans Complained About The Original

It definitely suits the title track more now.

ITZY‘s latest title track off of their CHECKMATE album, “Sneakers”, came as a surprise to some initially because it didn’t match the vibe of some of their earlier trailers. While fans expected something more mature and elegant, “Sneakers” turned out to be a bright and bubbly song instead, which ITZY always does well!

The song, released on July 15, seems to have grown on the people who didn’t like it as much at first, and it had already been well-received by plenty. What some fans ended up disliking, however, was the album cover for CHECKMATE.

ITZY CHECKMATE comeback teaser

The original album cover had the same regal, dark, and elegant concept that the initial teaser trailers had, but now that “Sneakers” has been released, fans thought that it didn’t suit the vibe of the album anymore.

Initial CHECKMATE cover art

Because of this, they actually reached out to JYP Entertainment to request that the cover be changed to something brighter and more colorful. And incredibly, their efforts seem to have paid off!

Ryujin in “Sneakers” performance

Only July 22, the label released an updated version of the CHECKMATE album cover that fits much better with the bright aesthetic of “Sneakers”.

Updated cover art for CHECKMATE

Here’s what fans are saying about the new cover:

“The new art is much prettier.”

“Thought the album cover was so random, lol, good thing they changed it.”

“I’m surprised they changed it because fans asked, lol.”

“The first album art didn’t fit this concept at all.”

Yeji in “Sneakers” performance

How do you feel about the new album cover?

Source: Koreaboo