Here's A Playlist To Listen To For A Good Chinese New Year

Here's A Playlist To Listen To For A Good Chinese New Year

We are approaching the Chinese new year, so it's great to start a new year with some great music - maybe even some music that wishes you good fortune!

Koreans have almost begun a tradition where they listen to these songs right when it strikes midnight for the new year - since we are a little late for that, it's always good to listen to these bops because not only are they great tracks, but they give a great vibe and gives you hope and good luck for the new year! Let's check out some of the list!

WJSN - As You Wish

This song hit #1 on Melon Chart when the new year strikes, and it has been doing so for the past several years! I mean, just look at the lyrics - everything will come true as you wish~

aespa - Dreams Come True

While this song came out only recently, this re-make of the 90's hit was well-received by the public, and it hit big once the new year hit! It reached #4 on Melon's Real-Time charts when it hit 2022, and it's still going strong!

NCT DREAM - Hello Future

Hello, 2022! The perfect song to listen to for only good vibes in 2022. NCT will take care of your new year!

Red Velvet - Happiness

Only happiness and joy shall await you in 2022! Red Velvet's debut song is the perfect song to listen to kick off the new year!


Who remembers this bop? This song has such good energy and vibes that even after a decade, it's a great song to jam out to - especially to kick off the new year!

IU - Twenty-three

Taeyeon - Happy

Let's just stay happy in 2022. We are tired of all this negativity and bad vibes! Only happy vibes in 2022!


Which song was your favorite song to jam out to in 2022? Will you still be listening to these songs for your good lucks and fortunes for this year? I've been nonstop jamming out to "As You Wish" - let us know what your favorite new year's good-luck song is in the comments below! Nevertheless, we hope everyone has an amazing 2022 - good vibes only!

Source: Allkpop