Here Are The 15 Best-Selling Female K-Pop Albums Of January 2021

Here Are The 15 Best-Selling Female K-Pop Albums Of January 2021

Only 6 were actually released this year, and one came out in 2016!

We just took a look at the 15 best-selling female K-Pop artist albums in January 2021, and of course we have to give the ladies some love too!

There weren’t a lot of female K-Pop albums released during the month, so there are several on this list that were actually released last year or even years before. Here are the top 15 best-selling female K-Pop albums in January 2021.

15. 몽(夢) by Song Gain

Released on December 31, 2020,몽(夢) sold 1.47k albums in January, and has also sold 1.47k albums total.

14. Oneiric Diary by IZ*ONE

Released on June 15, 2020, Oneiric Diary sold 1.48k albums in January, and has also sold 441.5k albums total.

13. Kill This Love by BLACKPINK

Released on April 23, 2019, Kill This Love sold 1.5k albums in January, and has also sold 233.3k albums total.

12. Page Two by TWICE

Released on April 25, 2016, Page Two sold 1.6k albums in January, and has also sold 159.1k albums total.

11. Better by BoA

Released on December 3, 2020, Better sold 1.7k albums in January, and has also sold 11.5k albums total.

10. Lunar Phase: B Side by Lucia

Released on January 11, 2021, Lunar Phase: B Side sold 2.0k albums total in the month.

9. What Do I Call You by Taeyeon

Released on December 15, 2020, What Do I Call You sold 2.2k albums in January, and has also sold 91.5k albums total.

8. Eyes Wide Open by TWICE

Released on October 27, 2020, Eyes Wide Open sold 3.6k albums in January, and has also sold 287.3k albums total.

7. The Album by BLACKPINK

Released on October 6, 2020, The Album sold 5.3k albums in January, and has also sold 763.8k albums total.

6. One-reeler / Act IV by IZ*ONE

Released on December 7, 2020, One-reeler / Act IV sold 5.8k albums in January, and has also sold 384.2k albums total.

5. Cherry Rush by Cherry Bullet

Released on January 20, 2021, Cherry Rush sold 8.0k albums total in the month.

4. tellusboutyourself by Yerin Baek

Released on January 8, 2021, tellusboutyourself sold 8.5k albums total in the month.

3. I’m Not Cool by HyunA

Released on January 28, 2021, I’m Not Cool sold 9.2k albums total in the month.

2. Dystopia: Road to Utopia by Dreamcatcher

Released on January 26, 2021, Dystopia: Road to Utopia sold 62.9k albums total in the month.

1. I Burn by (G)I-DLE

Released on January 11, 2021, I Burn sold 134.4k albums total in the month.


8 Female K-Pop Idols Are The Most Confident When Showing Bare Face

Aside from the heavy and sometimes overwhelming makeup, there are many K-Pop fans who also actually prefer their idols wearing minimal or almost no makeup.

Kpopmap had noticed 7 female K-Pop idols who are not afraid of showing off their bare faces and are confident in them. If you had missed out 13 K-Pop idols which we had mentioned earlier, you can take a look here.

(G)I-DLE Shuhua


ShuHua had become an issue when she had explained why she prefers to not put on makeup on (G)I-DLE's official Instagram. Many are also happy to see that she is voicing her opinion and sharing her idea of beauty. Her bare face is indeed unrealistic stunning just as when she puts on makeup.


ITZY Ryujin


Without the heavy stage makeup, ITZY RyuJin is actually a very cute and bubbly idol out there! On several occasions, she had shared with her fans some of the photos of her without makeup. Many love the natural look and mentioned that they want to see more.




Lisa has once praised Jennie as the prettiest in bare face among themselves and Jennie has proved that Lisa didn't just speak sweet words. The main rapper of BLACKPINK has such distinctive facial figures that makeup just emphasizes them, not covers them. That's why she never gets shy in the bare face. She once even appear on an encore stage of BLACKPINK in pure bare face! What a queen!




It is common for ChungHa's fans to see her without makeup especially since her trainee days on Mnet "Produce 101" Season 1. She had also uploaded several bare face selfies on her Instagram account before, allowing many to gasp at how good she looked even without makeup.

There is also another time when a video of her she was not wearing makeup and shopping for food in Japan was uploaded on her official YouTube channel too.




TWICE's youngest member, Tzuyu, is also known for her stunning beauty even without wearing makeup. Previously through their reality show, Tzuyu had wowed many when she removed her makeup and showed off her skincare routine.


Red Velvet Irene


It is definitely a chore to put on makeup early in the morning before heading outside and with that being said, it is definitely not easy to look good. However, Irene had definitely nailed it as she looks fresh and bright during a photo-taking session outside KBS "Music Bank". Irene's visual is one of the most-talked-about since Red Velvet debuted because each of her figures is like a touch of art. Just like her lines in "Psycho", she's really the "original visual" of SM Ent.


APink Bomi

Did you also know that BoMi had started her very own YouTube channel for some time? In one of her makeup tutorial videos, BoMi had impressed many when she had shown off her bare face before she started putting on makeup.

Many of the comments talked about how natural and beautiful she looked even without makeup and mentioned that she is really blessed with good skin.



Hwasa is an iconic K-Pop idol who has been breaking many stereotypes and many also love it when she uploaded several pictures of her without wearing makeup. The maknae of MAMAMOO maybe has unique figures and not Korean standards but who cares? She loves her body and is confident, that's the point.