Here Are Idol Stars Who Love Sleep More Than Anything

Here Are Idol Stars Who Love Sleep More Than Anything

Sleeping is an essential part of being human, and we all enjoy it! We look forward to getting a good night's rest so that we can wake up the next day ready to tackle our work, school, and the anticipation of a new album release from our favorite K-Pop stars. Even our beloved K-Pop idols need their sleep just as much as we do!

As a celebrity active in the industry, it can be challenging to find the time to get enough restful sleep to keep up with the demands of the job. However, there are some celebrities who have made it clear that they prioritize sleep above all else! They have openly shared their appreciation for sleep with their fans, proving that even the busiest of stars can make time for some much-needed zzz's.

Today, we'll be checking out a list of celebrities who just love sleep more than anything else in the world. We don't blame them, and we hope that they can survive strong despite their busy schedules and catch in power naps. Let's take a look and see what stars do!


Junghan has stated that anywhere and everywhere can be a bed for him. He has the nickname "NoopJunghan" (a combination of noo-wuh, which is to lay down in Korean) and Junghan because of his affinity for lounging and taking naps in any location!

Red Velvet Seulgi

Seulgi is known to be a deep sleeper, and Red Velvet members and fans have acknowledged this. She can sleep literally anywhere and fall into a deep sleep!

BTOB Changsub

Changsub was reprimanded by his members during their debut days due to his frequent napping. He is known to even fall asleep while eating at the hair shop. Impressive, huh?

A PINK Eunji

Eunji portrayed her love for sleep when she fell asleep while she was filming for a show in a crane posture!

Girls Day Hyeri

Hyeri is known to be a mukbang girl, but she admitted that if there's one thing she loves more than food, it's sleep. In a documentary show, she showed herself falling asleep while eating cereal.


If you look at articles about Kai coming back to the airport from a foreign country, most of them state that he looked tired, showing that the man just loves his beauty sleep!


Yuna had to wake Lia up while she fell asleep trying to open a back of chocolate but failed when she immediately went back to sleep!

MONSTA X Hyungwon

Hyungwon slept for two days straight, and Shownu was afraid something was wrong, so he had to wake him up, but that's how much he loves to sleep!

BTS Suga

Suga doesn't even like moving, and he absolutely loves lying down. Hard to imagine what a life he lives, considering the group is constantly traveling the world!

While it may be difficult for them as celebrities often run on low amounts of sleep, especially when they're actively promoting, it's just another reminder that these people are all human, and it is completely understandable for their love because who doesn't love sleep?

Source: Allkpop