Check Out The Shortest To Tallest Of 13 Second Generation K-Pop Boy Groups

Check Out The Shortest To Tallest Of 13 Second Generation K-Pop Boy Groups

There’s over 4″ of difference between the shortest and tallest!

Earlier today we looked at the shortest to tallest of several different second-generation K-Pop girl groups, and now we’ll be looking over some of the most iconic second-generation boy groups as well!

Block B’s Taeil

The second generation of boy groups has some of the most diverse heights of any generation, with over a 4 inch difference between the average heights of the tallest and shortest groups!

TVXQ’s Changmin

Here’s a look at 13 K-Pop boy groups from this generation from shortest to tallest average heights, based on the mean heights of their current members. Note that for disbanded groups, their last member line-up is what is being used for measurement!


Member heights:

Doojoon: 178cm

Yoseob: 168cm

Gikwang: 170cm

Dongwoon: 181cm

Average member height: 174.3cm (5’8.5″)

Highlight (Korean: 하이라이트) is a South Korean boy band formerly known as Beast (Korean: 비스트). The band consists of four members: Yoon Doo-joon, Yang Yo-seob, Lee Gi-kwang, and Son Dong-woon. Original member Jang Hyun-seung officially left the group in April 2016, and Yong Jun-hyung left in March 2019.[2][3] In late 2016, the group moved labels from Cube Entertainment to Around Us Entertainment and subsequently changed their name to Highlight in 2017.[4]

As Beast, the group released three Korean full-length albums, nine Korean mini-albums, two Japanese full-length albums, and numerous singles. The group debuted in 2009 with the mini-album, Beast Is the B2ST. In 2011, they released their first full-length album, Fiction and Fact, and made their Japanese debut with the single, "Shock" (Japanese Version). As Highlight, the group debuted in 2017 with the mini-album, Can You Feel It?.

Beast initially received attention for the lack of industry success previously experienced by its members, with media outlets referring to them as "a group of recycled material."[5] However, the group has achieved significant commercial success and critical accolades and is one of the most awarded groups of all time at the Golden Disk Awards, the Seoul Music Awards, and the Melon Music Awards.

12. Super Junior

Member heights:

Leeteuk: 174cm

Heechul: 176cm

Yesung: 177cm

Shindong: 177cm

Sungmin: 171cm

Eunhyuk: 174cm

Siwon: 183cm

Donghae: 174cm

Ryeowook: 170cm

Kyuhyun: 178cm

Average member height: 175.4cm (5’9″)

Super Junior (Korean: 슈퍼주니어; Syupeo Junieo), also known as SJ or SuJu, is a South Korean boy band debuted on November 6, 2005, by producer Lee Soo-man of SM Entertainment. They are also dubbed by the media as the "King of Hallyu Wave" due to their prominent contributions in Korean Wave.[1][2][3][4] The group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak. Super Junior originally debuted with twelve members, consisting of leader Leeteuk, Heechul, Han Geng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kibum. Kyuhyun joined the group later in 2006.

Super Junior launched into international recognition following the release of their best-selling single "Sorry, Sorry" in 2009, the title song of their most critically successful album, Sorry, Sorry.[5][6] Over the years, they have been divided into smaller groups, simultaneously targeting different music industries and audiences. The members have also individually branched out into hosting, presenting and acting. Their successes and popularity as all-rounded entertainers have led other Korean entertainment managements to also begin training their music groups in other aspects of the entertainment industry.[7]

In 2009, Han Geng filed a lawsuit against SM due to unfavorable contract terms and officially left the group in 2011. In 2015, Kibum's contract with SM ended and in 2019, Kangin left the group voluntarily. As of 2021, Super Junior has nine active members—Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun — with Sungmin on hiatus since 2015.

Super Junior was the best-selling K-pop artist for four years in a row. The group has earned thirteen music awards from the Mnet Asian Music Awards, nineteen from the Golden Disc Awards, and are the second singing group to win Favorite Artist Korea at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards after jtL in 2003.[8] In 2012, they were nominated for "Best Asian Act" in MTV Europe Music Awards.[9] They won the "International Artist" and "Best Fandom" awards at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards.[10] In March 2020, Super Junior broke their own record topping the Korean Album Chart of Taiwan's KKBOX for 122 consecutive weeks since 2017 with their 8th album Play, the 8th album repackage REPLAY in 2018, the 9th album Time_Slip from 2019, and this year's 9th album repackage Timeless.[11] Their fandom name is E.L.F, which stands for Ever Lasting Friends.

11. Block B

Member heights:

Zico: 181cm

Taeil: 167cm

B-Bomb: 174cm

Jaehyo: 182cm

U-Kwon: 176cm

Kyung: 170cm

P.O.: 180cm

Average member height: 175.7cm (5’9″)

Block B (블락비) currently consists of: Zico, Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Kyung, and P.O. Leader Zico left the company on November 23, 2018, however according to Seven Seasons , the future of the band as a 7-members band is still under discussion. The band debuted on April 13, 2011, under Stardom Entertainment. In 2013, they left their agency and signed with Seven Seasons, a subsidiary label to KQ Entertainment.


Member heights:

C.A.P: 178cm

Chunji: 173cm

Niel: 178cm

Ricky: 172cm

Changjo: 179cm

Average member height: 176cm (5’9.5″)

Teen Top (Korean: 틴탑) is a South Korean boy band formed by TOP Media in 2010. The group is composed of five members: C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky and Changjo. Originally a six-piece group with L.Joe, the former member had filed for contract termination in February 2017. Teen Top debuted with their first single album Come into the World on July 9, 2010.

Teen Top members Ricky and Niel were both child actors. Niel debuted through the musical Please, where he played the younger version of Joo Won's role. Ricky debuted in Seo Taiji's music video for "Human Dream" and later portrayed the young version of Song Seung-heon's character in Love Song. Four of Teen Top's Members such as Changjo, Niel, Cap, and L.Joe had an open Lotte World audition whereas the other members (Chunji and Ricky) had a closed audition. It took L.Joe two auditions before he could train unlike the other members.[1]


Member heights:

G-Dragon: 172cm

T.O.P: 181cm

Taeyang: 174cm

Daesung: 178cm

Average member height: 176.3cm (5’9.5″)

Big Bang (Korean: 빅뱅; stylized as BIGBANG) is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment. The group consists of four members: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung; former member Seungri retired from the entertainment industry on March 11, 2019.[2] Dubbed the "Kings of K-pop", they helped spread the Korean Wave internationally and are one of the most influential acts in K-pop history.[3][4][5][6][7][8] They are known for their trendsetting musical experimentation, self-production, and stage presence.[9][10]

Although their debut album, Bigbang Vol.1 (2006), was released to lukewarm reception, greater success followed with a string of hit singles: "Lies" (Korean: 거짓말), which topped Korean music charts for a record-breaking six consecutive weeks and won Song of the Year at the 2007 Mnet Km Music Festival and the 2008 Seoul Music Awards; "Last Farewell" (Korean: 마지막 인사); "Haru Haru" (Korean: 하루하루); and "Sunset Glow" (Korean: 붉은노을). After winning Artist of the Year at the 2008 Mnet Korean Music Festival and the 2008 Seoul Music Awards, the group released four Japanese studio albums—Big Bang (2009), Big Bang 2 (2011), Alive (2012), and Made Series (2016)—all of which were certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). After a two-year hiatus in South Korea, the quintet returned with innovative and critically acclaimed records. Their fourth EP, Tonight (2011), won them the inaugural Best Worldwide Act Award at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards.[11] Their fifth EP, Alive (2012), became the first Korean album to chart on the US Billboard 200. Their third studio album, Made (2016), was preceded by several chart-topping singles and won the group Artist of the Year awards at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards for the third time and at the 2015 Melon Music Awards. Its supporting tour, the Made World Tour, attracted 1.5 million people and set a new record for the most-attended concert tour headlined by a Korean act in history at the time.[12][13]

Eighteen of Big Bang's singles have reached number one in South Korea and have collectively remained atop the Melon charts for a record 51 weeks.[14] The group has reportedly sold over 150 million records globally, which would rank them among the best-selling boy bands in the world.[15][16][17][18][19] Forbes Korea ranked them as one of the most powerful celebrities in South Korea in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016; and they were the first Korean artists to be included on the Forbes Celebrity 100 (2016) and 30 Under 30 list of most influential musicians in the world (2017).[20][21]


Member heights:

Seungho: 176cm

G.O: 177cm

Mir: 178cm

Average member height: 177cm (5’9.5″)

MBLAQ (Korean: 엠블랙, Japanese: エムブラック; an acronym for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) is a South Korean boy group created by South Korean singer Rain under J. Tune Camp. The group consists of Seungho, G.O, and Mir, and formerly Lee Joon and Thunder. The group debuted on October 15, 2009, at Rain's Legend of Rainism concert.

On October 14, 2009, the group released their debut single album, Just BLAQ, which topped various online and offline music charts in South Korea.[1] The group then released their first extended play album Y on May 19, 2010, and on January 10, 2011, MBLAQ released their first studio album, BLAQ Style.

On December 16, 2014, it was announced Joon and Thunder had departed from the group and they will focus on individual activities for the time being.[2]


Member heights:

Sungkyu: 176cm

Dongwoo: 172cm

Woohyun: 173cm

Sungyeol: 183cm

L: 180cm

Sungjong: 179cm

Average member height: 177.2cm (5’10”)

Infinite (Korean: 인피니트; stylized as INFINITE) is a South Korean boy band formed in 2010 by Woollim Entertainment. The group is composed of six members: Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong. Originally a seven-piece group, Hoya departed from the group in August 2017. Infinite debuted in 2010 with their EP First Invasion. Their first full album, Over the Top, was released in July 2011. Their EP New Challenge, released in March 2013, sold over 160,000 copies in South Korea alone and was one of the best-selling albums of 2013. Their second full album, Season 2, was released in May 2014.

6. SHINee

Member heights:

Onew: 177cm

Key: 178cm

Minho: 181cm

Taemin: 174cm

Average member height: 177.5cm (5’10”)

Shinee (/ˈʃn/ SHY-nee; Korean: 샤이니, romanized: Syaini; Japanese: シャイニー, romanized: Shainī; stylized as SHINee) is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group's musical impact in their native country has earned them numerous accolades and the title "Princes of K-pop". The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Originally a five-piece group, vocalist Jonghyun died in December 2017.[1][2]

Shinee debuted in May 2008 with their first EP, Replay, on SBS' Inkigayo with their single "Replay". The group gained attention for starting a fashion trend amongst students, which the media dubbed the "Shinee Trend". In August 2008, the group released their first Korean studio album, The Shinee World, which won Newcomer Album of the Year at the 23rd Golden Disc Awards. Shinee further consolidated their popularity on the South Korean music scene with follow-up singles "Ring Ding Dong" and "Lucifer". "Ring Ding Dong" charted on top of several Korean music charts and gained popularity all over Asia. "Lucifer" was nominated for the Best Dance Performance Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2010 for its outstanding choreography. In 2012 the group released Sherlock, which became the fifth most sold album of the year with over 180,000 copies sold. The group has also been included in the Forbes list of Korea Power Celebrity multiple times, once in 2014 and again in 2016.

In mid-2011, Shinee signed with EMI Records Japan to venture into the Japanese music scene. Their Japanese version of their single "Replay" sold over 100,000 copies, the highest number of sales for a Japanese debut single recorded by Oricon for a South Korean group at the time. It was followed by their first Japanese studio album, The First, on December 7, 2011 – both were certified Gold by RIAJ for selling over 100,000 copies. In 2011, the group also held their Japan Debut Premium Reception at Abbey Road Studios in London, making them the first Asian artists to perform there. Two years later they released their second Japanese album Boys Meet U (2013), followed by I'm Your Boy (2014), D×D×D (2016), and Five (2017).

Shinee is considered to be one of the best live vocal groups in K-pop and is known for their highly synchronized and complex dance routines, having been awarded the Best Dance Performance Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards three times in a row for their dance performances to "Sherlock", "Dream Girl" and "View". Shinee's signature musical style is contemporary R&B, but the group is known for their experimental sound, incorporating various genres including funk rock, hip hop, and EDM.

5. B1A4

Member heights:

CNU: 182cm

Sandeul: 175cm

Gongchan: 181cm

Average member height: 179.3cm (5’10.5″)

B1A4 (Korean: 비원에이포) is a South Korean boy group formed by WM Entertainment. The group debuted on April 23, 2011 with the single "O.K" from the EP Let's Fly, after being introduced to the public through a webtoon. They have released seven studio albums (three Korean and four Japanese) and seven EPs, as well as four compilation albums. The group has had considerable commercial and critical success in both the Korean and Japanese markets. They have also toured in the United States.[2]

4. 2PM

Member heights:

Jun. K: 180cm

Nichkhun: 181cm

Taecyeon: 186cm

Wooyoung: 178cm

Junho: 177cm

Chansung: 184cm

Average member height: 181cm (5’11.5″)

2PM (Korean: 투피엠) is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment. The group is composed of six members: Jun. K (formerly known as Junsu), Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung. Originally a seven-piece group, former member and leader Jaebeom temporarily left the group due to controversies that stemmed from his posts in MySpace in 2009 before being announced to have left both the band and the agency in early 2010.

The history of 2PM started when Korean musician Park Jin-young formed an eleven-member band known as One Day through the documentary series Hot Blood Men. Eventually, the band was split into the hip hop group 2PM and a similar but independent group known as 2AM. 2PM debuted with the song "10 Out of 10" (10점 만점에 10점, lit. "10 Points Out of 10 Points"), which showcased their acrobatic dance styles.[1] They then achieved their first number 1 single with "Again & Again". Both singles were featured on their first studio album, 01:59PM, which was released in 2009. The band went on to release another Korean album, known as Hands Up, in 2011. They made their Japanese debut later that year with Republic of 2PM. After more than a year, the group returned in 2013 with their third studio album Grown. In early September 2014, 2PM returned with their fourth studio album Go Crazy. On June 15, 2015, 2PM made a comeback with their fifth studio album No.5. After much anticipation, 2PM returned on September 13, 2016 with their sixth studio album Gentlemen's Game.

Since July 2017, the group has been on an official hiatus.[2]


Member heights:

Soohyun: 181cm

Hoon: 181cm

Jun: 185cm

Average member height: 182.3cm (6′)

U-KISS (Korean: 유키스; Japanese: ユーキス) is a South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008. Their name is an acronym, standing for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star.[1] The group's current lineup is composed of Hoon, and Jun.[2]

Their breakthrough hit was "Man Man Ha Ni" (2009) from their EP ContiUKiss. They released their first full-length album, Only One, on February 3, 2010. In September 2011, U-KISS released their second full-length album, NEVERLAND. They made their formal debut in Japan in 2011, with the release of the single "Tick Tack".[3] Their second Japanese single was "Forbidden Love", while their first Japanese full-length album was A Shared Dream (2012).

Since their debut, U-KISS has released three full-length albums, twelve mini-albums/EPs, one special mini-album (created for their fans), and various singles. They have released seven Japanese full-length albums, one Japanese compilation album, and five Japanese mini-albums/EPs. The group and individual members have also participated in various musicals, radio programs, web shows, TV series, and films.

The group have recorded and/or performed songs in Korean, Japanese, Chinese,[4] English,[5][6][7] and Spanish.[8]

U-KISS has earned 6 entries on Billboard's World Albums chart — Stalker (peaked at #11 on 6.25.2016), Mono Scandal (peaked at #14 on 6.21.2014), Collage (peaked at #12 on 3.23.2013), Stop Girl (peaked at #14 on 10.6.2012), The Special To Kissme (peaked at #14 on 6.23.2012), and Doradora (peaked at #12 on 5.12.2012).[9] In addition, the group has had 9 songs on the Billboard K-POP Top 100 chart.[10] Soohyun earned an entry on Billboard's chart in 2017 with his solo single, "I'll be there", becoming the first U-KISS soloist to gain that recognition.[11]

In 2012, U-KISS was the first K-pop group to hold a fan meeting in Cambodia.[12] During that same year, U-KISS was not only the first K-pop act, but also the first Asian group, to perform at the "Los 40 Principales" concert in Colombia.[13] In 2013, U-KISS was the second Korean artist to hold a solo concert in Mexico.[8] U-KISS was also one of the first K-pop groups to release original albums in Japanese.[14] In Japan, they ranked #1 on the Oricon Albums Chart with Action in 2015.[15]


Member heights:

Yonghwa: 180cm

Minhyuk: 184cm

Jungshin: 188cm

Average member height: 184cm (6′.5″)

CNBLUE (Korean: 씨엔블루) is a South Korean pop rock band formed in 2009. The band consists of Jung Yong-hwa (leader, main vocals, guitar, keyboard, rap), Kang Min-hyuk (drums), and Lee Jung-shin (bass). First bassist Kwon Kwang-jin left the band after they released their debut Japanese extended play Now or Never in 2009, and was replaced by Lee Jung-shin. Lee Jong-hyun (guitar and vocals) left the band on August 28, 2019.

CN is an initialism for Code Name, while BLUE is a backronym for burning, lovely, untouchable, and emotional; it is meant to portray the images of Jong-hyun, Min-hyuk, Jung-shin, and Yong-hwa, respectively.[1] On January 14, 2010, CNBLUE debuted in Korea with the lead single "I'm a Loner" from their first Korean EP Bluetory.


Member heights:

Yunho: 184cm

Changmin: 186cm

Average member height: 185cm (6’1″)

TVXQ (stylized as TVXQ!), an initialism for Tong Vfang Xien Qi[2] (Chinese: 東方神起), is a South Korean pop duo consisting of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. They are known as Tohoshinki (東方神起, Tōhōshinki) in Japanese releases, and are sometimes referred to as DBSK, an abbreviation of their Korean name Dong Bang Shin Ki[3] (Korean: 동방신기). Their name roughly translates to "Rising Gods of the East".[4][5]

Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2003, TVXQ began as a five-member boy band composed of members U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu. They were immediately launched to mainstream recognition following the release of their first physical single "Hug" (2004), which peaked at number four on the MIAK monthly music chart. Their first studio albums Tri-Angle (2004) and Rising Sun (2005) were both top sellers, pushing the band's popularity beyond Korea. Under Avex, TVXQ entered the Japanese market with their first Japanese album Heart, Mind and Soul (2006), but it was met with limited success.

TVXQ rose to international prominence in the late 2000s, after the group achieved critical acclaim in the Korean music industry for their best-selling albums "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap. (2006) and Mirotic (2008), both winning the Golden Disk Award for Album of the Year. The latter album also contains the pop hit "Mirotic", touted by international music critics as a staple song of K-pop. With four chart-topping singles, TVXQ gained widespread media attention in Japan following the release of their fourth Japanese album The Secret Code (2009). However, despite their commercial success, the group plunged into legal turmoil and internal conflict when members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu attempted to split from their Korean agency S.M. Entertainment. Prior to the trio's departure in 2010, TVXQ released their last Japanese album as a quintet, Best Selection 2010, which became the group's first album to top the Oricon Albums Chart. The album spawned two platinum-selling singles, including the long-running hit "Share the World".

After a year-long hiatus, TVXQ returned as a duo with remaining members Yunho and Changmin. They released TVXQ's fifth Korean album Keep Your Head Down (2011), topping album charts in most major Asian markets upon release. Their first two Japanese albums as a duo, Tone (2011) and Time (2013), solidified their success in Japan as it forged TVXQ's reputation as one of the top-touring artists in the country. Their eighth Japanese album With (2014) made TVXQ the first and only foreign music act in Japan to have four number-one albums in a row.

Selling over 10 million physical records in the first 10 years of their career,[6] TVXQ have become one of Asia's most successful music acts of their generation. They are often referred to as "Asia's Stars" and the "Kings of K-pop"[7][8] for their immense success and contributions to the Hallyu.[9][10][11] According to the Oricon, TVXQ have the most number-one singles and albums for a foreign artist in Japan,[12][13] and are also Japan's best-selling foreign artist in CD singles of all time.[14] Their Time Tour, one of the highest-grossing concert tours of 2013, broke attendance records for foreign singers in Japan until 2017, when TVXQ broke that same record with their Begin Again Tour.[15][16] TVXQ are the first non-Japanese Asian artists to headline a nationwide five-Dome tour and the first foreign artists to headline the Nissan Stadium. Billboard has described the group as "K-pop royalty".[5]