BTS’s V Gains A New Nickname Thanks To His Princely Visuals

BTS’s V Gains A New Nickname Thanks To His Princely Visuals

It suits him perfectly!

BTS‘s V has gained a new nickname thanks to his princely good looks!

BTS recently appeared at Incheon Airport to head on their way to New York for the United Nations General Assembly. This new video of V at the airport titled, “Baby Prince V leaving for the United Nations General Assembly” completely matches his superstar visuals!

BTS ARMY is trending 'Have a safe flight' for the boys. They are going over their airport-style statements. Some have said that they missed their airport looks, and indeed it is a treat. However, the Winter Bear singer, Taehyung, has grabbed the attention of the ARMY most. He has turned the airport into his runway again. V, aka Kim Taehyung, is considered to be the fashionista of the BTS boyband. His looks from events, MVs and appearances often go viral on social media. And the Most Handsome Man is at it again.

The Butter crooner went for a no-makeup look and had a mask up. But he oozed style nonetheless. Taehyung's model-like features often leaving ARMY breathless. BTS ARMY is trending 'Fashion Icon V' on Twitter right now.

Even in a crowd of people, V’s perfect good looks are so captivating!

His dark hair and dress shirt totally fit the title of “Baby Prince V.” He seriously looks like royalty!

Waving his diplomatic passport is just the cherry on top of it all: while he may not be a prince by blood, he’s definitely royalty in ARMY’s eyes.

ARMYs are in love with V’s new nickname and think it fits him perfectly! It’s definitely not the first time he’s been compared to a prince, but this nickname given to him by the media is sure to stick around.

Check out the video below to see V’s handsome visuals in action!

Source: koreaboo