BTS, SEVENTEEN Dominate Gaon Charts for the 25th Week of 2021

BTS, SEVENTEEN Dominate Gaon Charts for the 25th Week of 2021

On June 24, Gaon Chart released the latest chart rankings for the week of June 13 to 19! BTS and SEVENTEEN impressively took the top spots.

Continue reading to know which charts they topped on.


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BTS Claims No. 1 on Four Gaon Charts for Week 25 of 2021

BTS continuously dominates music charts in South Korea with their newest English-language single "Butter."

Besides the real-time and daily charts, BTS "Butter" also didn't fail to soar high on weekly charts.

BTS Butter

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In particular, BTS "Butter" has attained the honor of a total of four crowns on the Gaon Chart for the 25th week of 2021.

Over on the Gaon Digital Chart, "Butter" took No. 1 with a total of 33,543,764 digital points. They are the only Korean act to reach 30 million points in the latest rankings.

The second-highest digital points are 29,714,243, which was recorded by aespa's "Next Level."

In addition, BTS "Butter" has now spent a total of four weeks on top of the Gaon Digital Chart.

BTS has also topped the Gaon Streaming Chart for four weeks in a row, while it ranked first on the Gaon BGM Chart for the first time.


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Over on the Gaon Social Chart Week 25, BTS remained No. 1 for 14 consecutive weeks. This chart ranks the Top 50 most popular artists according to the data accumulated from various digital platforms like YouTube, V Live, TikTok, Mubeat, and MyCelebs.

The most popular content related to BTS's V Live channel during the counting period was "Run BTS! 2021 - EP. 142."

Regarding the keywords on MyCelebs, the most-searched terms were "achieving great results," "familiar to the public," and "working hard."

SEVENTEEN Take Top Spots on Three Gaon Charts for Week 25 of 2021

Meanwhile, "quadruple million-seller" SEVENTEEN reigned as No. 1 on three Gaon Charts for the 25th week of 2021.

SEVENTEEN's new album "Your Choice" secured the top spot on the Gaon Album Chart for the first time since it was released on June 18.


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"Your Choice" is one of the four new albums that made it to the Top 5 of the latest rankings. The other albums being GOT7 Bambam's "riBBon" at No. 2, Brave Girls' "Summer Queen" at No. 3, and ATEEZ's "TREASURE EP.3_ One To All" at No. 5.

Moreover, SEVENTEEN's "Your Choice" topped the Gaon Retail Album Chart with a total of 874,204 retail sales. What makes this more impressive is that this total amount was collected in only two days, from June 18 to 19.

"Your Choice" is the only new K-pop album that reached 800,000 album sales on the Gaon Chart within the 25th week of 2021.

The second-highest album sales for that week is 49,015, which was achieved by GOT Bambam's "riBBon."

SEVENTEEN Ready to Love

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Finally, SEVENTEEN claimed the No. 1 spot on Gaon Download Chart with "Ready to Love," the title track of their "Your Choice" album.

On June 23, SEVENTEEN performed "Ready to Love" on the American late-night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and the group is set to sing the same song on "MTV Fresh Out Live" on June 25.

Watch the music video for BTS "Butter" and SEVENTEEN "Ready to Love" below to celebrate!