BTS’s Jungkook Makes You Insane With His Amazing Body

BTS’s Jungkook Makes You Insane With His Amazing Body

Perfect from head to toe.

BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook is once again driving ARMYs insane, this time with his amazing physique.

ARMYs are saying that even if Jungkook is doing normal things, like stretching or even just standing, no one can deny his god-sent figure.

And when he dances, it stands out even more. With how much time he spends practicing and working out, it’s not surprising that his physical is in top-notch condition.

Even when he wears simple clothes, his physique cannot be hidden. Fans recall when Jungkook first debuted and how he looked like a little baby. Time truly flies, since Jungkook is one heck of a man now!


Jungkook’s ‘Never Not’ Tweet Is The 2020 World’s Second Most Favorite Tweet

Jungkook’s Never Not tweet is the world’s second-most retweeted tweet for 2020 as announced by Twitter!

The fans of BTS’s golden maknae, Jungkook, always have a reason to celebrate every end of the year.

Aside from taking the mesmerizing second spot for Twitter’s world record as shared in its 2020 Year In Review, the group of the golden maknae, BTS, takes the number 1 spot for the most Tweeted musician for four consecutive years.

More to the astounding achievement of Jungkook’s Never Not Tweet, it also ranked number eight in the most retweeted tweet in the world of all time.

Also, it is the only tweet from BTS_twt that made it into the Top 10.

Furthermore, in the Top 15, Jungkook is also the only person in the world to have the three most retweeted tweets.

This includes “Never Not” at number eight, “Duh” at No.11, and “Savage Love #SavageLoveRemix” at No.15.

The Twitter superstar

Last year, Jungkook’s Duh Tweet was the number one most retweeted Tweet in the world. The said tweet shows the maknae dancing to Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy.

And although Jungkook experienced a slight dip from his big win last year, being the number two on a world scale is a big thing.

Twitter, in 2019, announced Jungkook took over the throne on their @TwitterData account. The Year In Review article “#ThisHappened in 2019” featured the tweet of Jungkook.

With this recent feat, Jungkook now holds the record of the most retweeted tweet by a K-pop idol for three consecutive years.

In 2018, the BTS member’s Tweet of him singing Park Won’s All Of My Life was Korea’s most retweeted Tweet. Twitter Korea then announced the Tweet as the Golden Tweet 2018.

More mesmerizing record of Jungkook

Since 2017, Jungkook’s popularity on Twitter was already prominent. V previously shared a tweet showing Jungkook being fed french fries while he was sleeping.

And the post immediately became the most retweeted Tweet in Asia or Asia’s Golden Tweet for 2017.

Moreover, Jungkook made huge headlines previously when he became the only person in the world to have more than one tweet having over two million likes on Twitter, besides Barack Obama.

The Korean and International media highlighted the immense popularity of Jungkook as they reported the news.