Bollywood Star Disha Patani Continues To Show Her Love For BTS V

Bollywood Star Disha Patani Continues To Show Her Love For BTS V

Even top celebrities can't resist the powerful charisma of Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS.

On November 25, famous Indian Bollywood actress, model, and broadcasting host Disha Patani showed her love for Taehyung to her 55 million followers on Instagram.

She had a Taehyung fancam-watching marathon and shared his 'Run BTS' and 'Boy with Luv' fancams. Taehyung is known as the 'Fancam Emperor' for his outstanding stage performances, and it's not surprising to see even celebrities get mesmerized watching him perform.

The Bollywood star has shown her love for Taehyung numerous times in the past.

She previously shared in her Instagram 'Ask Me Anything' segment that Taehyung was her bias from BTS after posting his zoomed-in performance from the 'ON' music video. She also shared some of his songs with her legion of fans.

Taehyung's popularity in India is hot, and he remains the most-searched K-pop idol in the country. Articles analyzing his activities, fashion, music, projects, and more pour out every day.

Indian media outlets also gave much attention to the story since both celebrities are big global stars, and countless articles have been written about the two for over a year.

Taehyung's talents and magnetism have gained him a huge following, even among celebrities, and he will no doubt attract more A-list stars as his solo career progresses.

Source: Allkpop