BLACKPINK Shares the Meaning of '4+1 Project' in Their 5th Anniversary Announcement Video

BLACKPINK Shares the Meaning of '4+1 Project' in Their 5th Anniversary Announcement Video

Did you figure out the meaning behind "4+1"?

BLACKPINK Reveals the Meaning of "4+1 Project" in Their 5th Anniversary Announcement Video

On June 23, KST, YG Entertainment uploaded on BLACKPINK's official Youtube channel the announcement video for the group's "4+1 Project" in celebration of the group's 5th anniversary since their debut back on August 8, 2016.

According to the announcement video, the four-member group plans to look back on the five years they have spent with their fans - BLINKs - as well as with each of the members. It also revealed what their "4+1" meant! It seems that the "4" represents the four members of BLACKPINK, while the "1" represents their fandom BLINKs - so it's BLACKPINK and BLINK together!


(Photo : Instagram: @blackpinkofficial)
BLACKPINK's '4+1 Project' poster

The special 5th-anniversary project was announced back on June 15 when YG Entertainment unveiled a poster that marks the beginning of the "4+1 Project" and announced that the label and BLACKPINK have planned various types of special projects for the celebration.

Check out the announcement video here:

BLACKPINK Unveils Teaser Poster for "BLACKPINK The Movie"

As part of their celebration for their 5th debut anniversary and "4+1 Project," BLACKPINK will be releasing their very own "BLACKPINK The Movie"!

Back on June 21, BLACKPINK dropped the teaser poster of their upcoming movie, which reveals that the movie will premiere sometime in August. According to YG Entertainment, the movie will be released in a hundred countries worldwide.

The movie will feature various sequences, such as showing the memories that BLACKPINK have shared together in the past five years since their debut in "The Room of Memory," "Beauty" which will show intense image cuts of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa and their distinct personalities, and an "Unreleased Special Interview" for their fans.

In addition to that, "BLACKPINK The Movie" will also feature five of their songs from their concert "The Show" and "In Your Area" back in 2018, to enhance the audience's experience and make it vivid as if they were in a concert hall.

CGV also plans to show the movie in various formats such as "ScreenX," which can be enjoyed through theaters with screens on three sides (such as the front, left, and right walls), "4DX" where fans can experience the unique experience and catharsis of a concert site, and lastly, "4DX Screen" that utilizes and makes use of both formats to add splendor and a sense of immersion.

The exact date of when the movie will be released has yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK made their debut in August 2016 with their debut single album "SQUARE ONE," which contains the songs "Whistle" and "BOOMBAYAH." Since then, the group has released chart-topping hits such as "As If It's Your Last," "Kill This Love," "DDU-DU DDU-DU," "How You Like That," and more.

Are you excited about the movie?