BLACKPINK Released Poster #2 for "THE SHOW" and Announced Postponement To Next Year

BLACKPINK Released Poster #2 for "THE SHOW" and Announced Postponement To Next Year

At least YG give us something along with the postponement of the big event..

BLACKPINK will be postponing their anticipated online concert 'The Show', which was planned to take place in December, 2020.

On December 17, the BLACKPINK members delivered the news to fans personally from their own homes, explaining that the decision was made to prioritize the safety of all those who will be participating in the online show's preparation and launch, also following current COVID19 prevention guidelines.

As a result, BLACKPINK's 'The Show' will now be moved from the original date of December 27 to January 31 at 2 PM KST.

However in order to make sure the sad news isn't the only thing that Blinks receives, YG has already prepared a present as poster #2 of BLACKPINK for the online show to release.

Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa all turn into beautiful goddesses with a more mature vibe when slaying the office black and white outfits.

Jisoo, as usual, stunts the elegant visual while flexing an innocent glance, which is totally opposed to the sexy stare of Jennie. The black cowboy hat on Jennie makes her even explosive more with the wild and rebellious vibe.

Next, we have the maknae like with Rosé and Lisa. The Australian rose is truly born to be blonde as she is flexing the high-teen with formal outfit, while Lisa is back with the powerful long black hair. Lisa looks good in every hairstyle but no one could deny the fact that with long black hair Lisa is supreme.

Though the online concert was delayed due to safety reasons, let's all patiently wait till the G-time and keep on supporting the girls.


Everything To Know Before BLACKPINK Online Concert: “THE SHOW” Hits!

Rejoice, BLINKs! BLACKPINK has officially announced their first online livestream concert “THE SHOW.” Learn the when, where, how and much more with this in-depth guide to everything you need to know to catch the concert!


BLACKPINK’s online concert “THE SHOW” livestream takes place Sunday, December 27 at 2 PM KST (That’s Sunday 12 AM EST, and Saturday 9 PM PST)!


In order to watch, you must join their official BLACKPINK YouTube channel membership.


Detailed instructions on how to join with various devices such as a computer, Android, and iPhone can be found here.

Join early

You can join the viewing page one hour before the start of the show so you may access it early and test your network connection.

Subtitles (you want to understand your idol speaking, right?)

Subtitles are available in English so remember to activate those at the bottom of the screen.

The Giveaway

“My Tag Event” is a giveaway event in which you can enter to win a signed CD and Adidas jacket.


Be aware that your resolution may change automatically throughout the concert depending on your internet connection and speed.

Unauthorized distribution

Unauthorized distribution of the concert is not allowed.

The trailer

Get excited and peep the trailer!

Check out the girls' message

They can’t wait to see BLINKs after so long.

And have fun!

Get ready to experience BLACKPINK’s first online concert and have the time of your life!