BLACKPINK Jisoo Selected as One of the Best-Dressed Stars by Vogue

BLACKPINK Jisoo Selected as One of the Best-Dressed Stars by Vogue

BLACKPINK member Jisoo was named as one of the best-dressed stars by Vogue this week.

Vogue Names BLACKPINK Jisoo as One of the Best-Dressed Stars


(Photo : Dior Instagram)

Vogue noted that BLACKPINK Jisoo always shines during her solo appearances.

For Dior's Resort 2022 Show at Greece's Panathenaic Stadium, Jisoo looked like a goddess dressed in a white linen dress from the Maria Grazi Chiuri collection.

The female star is also seen holding on to a white micro-mesh Lady Dior's "East West" bag to complete her all-white moment.

Her dress looked simple and classic, with modern touches such as her little white Dior Zenith sneakers and the brand's signature socks.

Vogue Magazine praised the outfit as a winning example of the BLACKPINK member's girly-yet-glamourous style. The outfit also shows off the collection's compelling mix of Grecian and couture influences while also infusing athletic fashion nods.


(Photo : Jisoo Instagram)

BLACKPINK Jisoo appeared at the Christian Dior show on Thursday, Jun. 17. Though she was unable to fly out to Athens, Greece, for the fashion show due to COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, the "Snowdrop" actress was still able to snap a photo against the Greek-style Christian Dior backdrop for the online red carpet.

Jisoo was photographed by Kim Hee Jun and styled by Yunmi Lee at Brand L. Her hair was styled by Lee Seonyeong, while her make-up was done by BLACKPINK's favorite stylist, MAENG at Woosun. Park Eunkyung did her manicure. Jisoo's celebrity visual director was Youjin Choi.

The fashion house shared photos of the idol at the event, including a video in which Jisoo selects her outfits for the fashion show. The outfits were flown out to South Korea by Maria Grazia Chiuri herself. After picking her look, she is seen having a video call with the designer herself, who compliments her outfit. Jisoo wishes her luck for the show. Check out the video here:

In another video, Jisoo is seen narrating her thoughts on the Greek-style fashion show. Check out the video here:

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