BLACKPINK Jennie Sleeps On A Bed More Expensive Than Two Years Of College Tuition

BLACKPINK Jennie Sleeps On A Bed More Expensive Than Two Years Of College Tuition

She's queen sleeping on a queen's bed.

BLACKPINK Jennie has wowed us from time to time with her expensive taste, but fans have found that her bed alone could pay for two years of college tuition in the US!

Jennie recently uploaded an adorable set of mirror selfies taken in her bedroom.

Fans were quick to note that her bed looked extremely prominent. A quick search determined that it was from Hastens, a luxury mattress and bed brand. Although it is not confirmed which model her bed is exactly, fans narrowed it down to these two based on the double-topper design.

Although the price differs with the size of bed, a queen-sized bed easily costs above $20,000 USD. If she went for the Eala model, the price for a full-sized bed starts at $20,855 USD and goes up to $28,000 USD for the king-sized.

If Jennie went for the similar but more luxurious Herlewing model, she’d be paying $28,625 USD and above!

Given that the average yearly college tuition in the US for in-state is $10,486 USD according to CollegeBoard, Jennie’s bed costs more than two years of tuition on average! We hope she’s getting the comfortable sleep as she deserves!


BLACKPINK Jennie Makes Netizens Impressed With Her Luxurious House In Vlog

When it comes to Kpop's new generation IT Girl icon, many people will immediately think of Jennie (BLACKPINK). She not only possesses beautiful visuals, a luxurious temperament from head to toe, trendy fashion style, is an ambassador of many luxury brands, and is of course a member of the worldwide famous girl group BLACKPINK. Because of such a golden life, of course, Jennie is also compared to a real princess, and recently even K-netizens have found private property worthy of the female idol's rank.

On her 25th birthday, the idol decided to open her own Youtube channel and a short vlog where she shared some of her daily moments. Her channel gained over a million subscribers and surpassed 3.5 million subscribers in just three days. For her first video, Jennie filmed a cover song of "When Will My Life Begin" by Mandy Moore in various parts of her house.

As soon as the video was uploaded, millions of fans took an interest in Jennie's home. One netizen did simple research and revealed that Jennie lives in one of the luxury house villas located in Han Nam-dong. The netizen provided a photo in an online community of the model houses in which many were impressed.

The model of kitchen for the Hannam Dong apartment
...and the kitchen scene in Jennie's vlog

Jennie also shared some of her house's interior in her Instagram's posts. It can be seen that the idol is living such a luxurious life, which is what she deserves for all the hard-working of her and BLACKPINK.

The netizen stated, "I was watching Jennie's YouTube video and thought her house looked nice, so I did some research and found that she lives in 'The House' at Han Nam-dong. She lives in a two-story house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms costing around 5.5 billion KRW ($4,977,803) to 6.5 billion KRW ($5,882,859)."

Other netizens commented, "Lucky... I wish I could live in that kind of house with that kind of face," "Jennie earn a lot of money from doing promotions with BLACKPINK, so she should have earned enough for that house. A lot of rich people live there," "She's young, rich, and pretty," "I'm so envious, I want to live without worrying about money," and "The Christmas tree she installed in her house is massive too."

Here are some of the other model photos of her house. Jennie's real house could be redesigned.