BLACKPINK Jennie Receives Hate after BTS V Accidentally Followed Her on Instagram

BLACKPINK Jennie Receives Hate after BTS V Accidentally Followed Her on Instagram

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BTS V followed BLACKPINK Jennie on Instagram, but it turns out it was only an accident. However, the female idol is receiving hate comments from ARMYs and so BLINKs stood up to defend her.

BLACKPINK Jennie Receives Harsh Comments after BTS V Accidentally Followed Her on Instagram

On Dec. 7, many fans noticed a famous name under the following list of BTS V's Instagram account - it was the world-famous female idol BLACKPINK Jennie. But, V unfollowed her afterward and explained that he accidentally followed her through Instagram's friend recommendation list.


(Photo : Instagram: @jennierubyjane)

On the same day, harsh comments toward Jennie were seen on social media particularly on Twitter and under the Instagram posts of the "SOLO" singer.

Several ARMYs are throwing hate at the BLACKPINK member, generally asking Jennie to leave BTS V alone. Also, some are using inappropriate words to describe her, while others are asking whether they are in a relationship.

One netizen even mentioned YG Entertainment, asserting that the company used media play so that Jennie's Instagram account would appear on BTS V's.

Naturally, BLINKs started to defend BLACKPINK Jennie on Twitter, emphasizing that it was not her fault why V accidentally followed her on Instagram, so they should leave her alone.

Other BLINKs are asking those who are throwing hate at BLACKPINK Jennie to apologize to the idol.

Meanwhile, most of the ARMYs are asking for the toxic fans to stop dragging BLACKPINK Jennie into the situation. Some individuals said that even if it was not an accident, BTS V is free to follow anyone he likes.

As of writing, the phrase "LEAVE HER ALONE" is climbing up the Twitter trends with over 10,000 tweets, while "Jennie" has been mentioned in more than 373,400 tweets across the globe and is trending at No. 2 worldwide.

At the same time, "Kim Taehyung" has also become one of the trending topics on Twitter, with over 318,000 tweets.

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BTS V's Instagram Account Breaks the Record for the Fastest to Reach 1 and 10 Million Followers

In related news, BTS member V has broken a few records on Instagram in terms of followers.

BTS V Butter


On Dec. 7, V has become the fastest person in the world to hit one million Instagram followers, achieving the milestone in only 40 minutes. The "Butter" singer surpassed the previous record of one hour set by Angelina Jolie.

Kim Taehyung (V's real name) also broke the record for the fastest photo to gain one million likes, doing so in only four minutes. He surpassed Billie Eilish who attained the feat in six minutes.

BTS V Butter

(Photo : Big Hit Music Twitter)

What's more, BTS V also broke BLACKPINK Lisa's record for the fastest K-pop idol to garner five million likes in one hour and 43 minutes, beating Lisa's record of one hour and 57 minutes.

Further, V is the fastest person in the world to reach 10 million Instagram followers in less than 12 hours since his account was launched.

The Guinness World Records, however, is yet to officially announce BTS V's achievements.