BLACKPINK Delivers Meaningful Speech With 'Stay' for 'Dear Earth' Campaign

BLACKPINK Delivers Meaningful Speech With 'Stay' for 'Dear Earth' Campaign

BLACKPINK once again proved their global influence through "Dear Earth" campaign.

The quartet gave a special speech that influenced people all over the world with a message for mankind's better future.

BLACKPINK Members Deliver a Special Speech at 'Dear Earth' Special

Last October 23 (US Time), "Dear Earth" by Google was held through YouTube Originals. BLACKPINK appeared as special speakers for the event and they received a lot of attention for their important message.

Member Jennie began by saying that their generation is the first one that grew up in the digital age.


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Jisoo added that everyone must be more aware of the environmental crisis that is to unfold on the Earth in the near future. She continued that everyone must strive to create a better, more equal, and more sustainable world. She ended by saying that in our care, the planet will be safe.

Then, Lisa stated that global warming is accelerating fast. But this generation's voice won't be overlooked anymore.

As for Rosé, she emphasized that today's generation should join forces and that everyone should move forward toward the main goal of saving the planet.

Watch BLACKPINK's 'Dear Earth' Speech here:

After their speech, BLACKPINK performed a their song "Stay" from "Square Two" album. Beautiful sceneries like calm sea, wide grasslands, and clear blue skies were shown as their backdrop. Their performance matched the theme of the campaign.

"Dear Earth" is a campaign designed on the theme of climate change. Aside from BLACKPINK, global leaders like Pope Francis, former US President Barack Obama, and CEO of Google Alphabet, Sundar Pichai are all active in large numbers.

BLACKPINK is the only K-pop artist who joined the event, making it more meaningful.

Watch BLACKPINK's Dear Earth Performance here:

BLACKPINK Global Influence: Group Appointed as UN Sustainable Development Ambassadors

YG Entertainment announced last September 18 that the world famous quartet has been appointed as the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development goals) ambassadors, making them the first Asian artist to be appointed.


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BLACKPINK then said it's an honor to be part of the path toward a better world. They added that with the help of the BLINKs, they want to share to the world the importance of the SDGs and contribute to solving the problems everybody is facing.

BLACKPINK's appointment shows that UN's choices made now could lead everyone to a future of perpetual crisis or a bridge to a greener and even safer world.

UN will keep their promises and will enable everybody who joined to act.


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BLACKPINK is chosen as UN COP26 (Climate Change Conference of the Parties) and also the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) ambassadors.

Further, the group is taking the lead in different social contribution activities, like joining in different public interest campaigns and gathering donations for forest fire damage recovery.

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