ARMYs Come Together To Help Pay Hospital Bills Of Fan-Artist Behind BTS Jimin’s Moon Tattoo

ARMYs Come Together To Help Pay Hospital Bills Of Fan-Artist Behind BTS Jimin’s Moon Tattoo

They’ve surpassed the goal!

ARMYs joined together to help their own.

Recently, BTS‘s Jimin held a live broadcast via Weverse. He talked about pole dancing, tattoos, and he even was joined by V briefly.

BTS’s Jimin | Weverse

During it, he revealed that he expanded his tattoo collection due to an ARMY.

On March 10, eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed at BTS’s first in-person concert in Korea at Olympic Stadium in Seoul since the pandemic started that Jimin appeared to have a new tattoo on the base of his neck. It appeared to be a dainty crescent moon…

Jimin’s tattoo was first seen in March | @JiminGlobal/Twitter

Yet, later, when Jimin traveled in June, it appeared that his moon tattoo continued down his back.

It turns out that originally Jimin only had one moon but later added more. He explained the story behind it during the recent Weverse Live.

| Weverse

Jimin revealed that V had shown him a fanart that depicted Jimin with a full-back tattoo. It inspired him to get the real thing.

The fanart in question was posted in March by Twitter user @ArizzoStudios. It’s no wonder why Jimin was inspired by it; it’s phenomenal!

Looking back, some even wonder if they found V’s “secret stan account” in the comment section of the original post.

The increase of attention of the fan artist came at the right time, too. ArizzoStudios had opened up a Ko-fi page to raise money to pay for hospital bills after suffering an injury to their back.

im sorry for this , but recently i had fallen down a flight of stairs and injured my back ; a major accident that needed immediate help. Ive taken all discounts i can get from the hospital but I still have to pay extra for my clinical / laboratory tests , etc.. 💫 All kinds of help can go a long way to achieve dreams 💫 — ArizzoStudios

| ArizzoStudios/Ko-fi

Fellow ARMYs shared the page on social media in an attempt to raise money to help ArizzoStudios. Posts like the one below have gone viral with over 11.5K likes.

Thanks to ARMYs shares and donations, ArizzoStudios has now raised 324% of their goal as of the time of writing.

| ArizzoStudios/Ko-fi

The original ARMY, who shared news of the fan artist’s Ko-fi page, updated when it first initially surpassed the goal, thanking others for donating.

ArizzoStudios has been in disbelief over everything. They expressed their gratitude to both BTS and ARMY on Twitter.

Source: Koreaboo