Antis are mocking BLACKPINK for having no Daesang after aespa’s MMA Daesang

Antis are mocking BLACKPINK for having no Daesang after aespa’s MMA Daesang

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The 2021 Melon Music Awards (MMA) was held on the evening of December 4. Although not participating, aespa became one of the “brightest” names on the show for winning 4 awards: Bonsang, Best Female Rookie, Best Girl Group and Record of the Year (Daesang). These are terrific achievements that prove the SM girlgroup’s explosive activities during the past year.

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aespa impressed everyone by winning the Daesang Record Of The Year at 2021 MMA

Two days earlier, at 2021 AAA, aespa also made history when becoming the first Gen 4 group to win a Daesang with the Stage of the Year award. In total, aespa has won 2 Daesangs in their career – a proud achievement for a one-year-old group. aespa’s consecutive Daesang awards are receiving jubilant responses from the KPOP fan community. Many people praised aespa as the “leader” of the new generation – a group that has both public coverage and experts’ recognition.

On Twitter, in addition to congratulatory comments, there are also many malicious comments towards BLACKPINK after aespa won the Daesang at MMA. These netizens think that aespa has done something that BLACKPINK has never done in their career. Despite having entered their 6th year in the industry and made many big and small records, BLACKPINK has never received a Daesang.

Many comments mentioned BLACKPINK after aespa won a daesang at MMA

Since aespa’s debut, its fandom has often been unhappy with BLACKPINK for being accused of imitating the YG girl group. BLACKPINK fans often mock aespa as “fake version of BLACKPINK”, but it seems that this time, aespa is the winner. Indeed, just in terms of Daesang, aespa has defeated BLACKPINK!

aespa fans believe that they are talented girls who are passionate about music, unlike BLACKPINK, whose whole career is only focused on modeling.

BLACKPINK was criticized when they let their junior, a rookie group, won the Daesang

aespa is the best girl group right now?

aespa beat BLACKPINK with a score of 2-0?

Before the fanwar from the fandom aespa, the fans of BLACKPINK thought that aespa was not good enough to compare or replace BLACKPINK‘s position. Many comments also confirmed that Korean award ceremonies seem to have “enmity” with the YG girl group.

If aespa won ‘Record of the Year’ with the song ‘Next Level’, why didn’t BLACKPINK win this award at MMA 2020, after the explosive achievements of ‘How You Like That’? In terms of digital music score, BLACKPINK’s achievements were also outstanding thanks to its international coverage.

Many BLACKPINK fans criticize aespa’s Daesang as a “stealing” award

BLACKPINK fans claim that the group doesn’t need a Daesang, but a Daesang needs BLACKPINK

Some comments:

  • BLACKPINK fans often look down on aespa but look, aespa already won Daesang.
  • It will take BLACKPINK forever to win a Daesang. They are already surpassed by their 4th gen junior group.
  • If aespa can win Daesang and BLACKPINK doesn’t then the only explanation is that Korean awards hold grudges against BLACKPINK. Look at the difference in the records of BLACKPINK and aespa!
  • I’m not a Blink but I think aespa can never surpass BLACKPINK or replace them. BLACKPINK didn’t have any comebacks, nor did they promote properly in Korea this year. Imagine if they focused on promoting in Korea?
  • BLACKPINK became the biggest girl group in the world without any Daesang. Those who compare aespa with BLACKPINK are embarrassing. Don’t you know that the whole K-pop is trying to create copies of BLACKPINK?
  • With a few Daesangs, their fans are paranoid enough to think that they can dethrone BLACKPINK? Keep in mind that BLACKPINK is the standard for aespa to follow.

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In 2020, BLACKPINK had various activities and broke many records, but they could not win a single Daesang, making fans angry