All 30+ Korean Celebrities Who Attended IU’s “The Golden Hour” Concerts

All 30+ Korean Celebrities Who Attended IU’s “The Golden Hour” Concerts

She is the idol of idols!

Soloist and actress IU proved to be the “idol of idols” as many celebrities were spotted in attendance at her recent The Golden Hour concerts. While many idols and actors attended Day 1, even more attended the next day.

So, here are all 30+ Korean celebrities who attended The Golden Hour.


Nayeon, Jihyo, and Jeongyeon are the biggest fangirls!

2. TXT’s Soobin and Beomgyu

Beomgyu and Soobin’s reactions was relatable AF! Soobin even hoped for a “Y/N moment.”

3. BTS’s Jungkook and J-Hope

IU’s #1 fanboy attended both Day 1 and Day 2!

J-Hope also shared that he went via Instagram.

4. Yoo In Na

The actresses are besties!

5. Kim Soo Hyun

They remained friends since co-starring in KBS2’s Dream High in 2011 and The Producers in 2015.

6. 2AM’s Seulong

They previously collaborated for “Nagging.”


Umji, Eunha, and SinB attended!

8. Kara’s Kang Ji Young

Kang Ji Young shared several updates throughout the concert.

9. Golden Child’s Joochan

Joochan was a true fanboy!

10. Rothy

IU inspires many fellow singers.

11. Secret Number Minji

She shared via Weverse.

12. The Boyz

Kevin, Younghoon, and Hyunjae attended!

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13. Kim Min Seok, Anupam Tripathi, and Park Ju Hyun

The three actors attended together.

14. Lim Seung Soo

The child actor also was in attendance.

Team 🌟🍬 (@IUteamstarcandy) / Twitter

15. ATEEZ’s Jongho

Jongho shared on the UNIVERSE app.

16. Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo

The OG idol shared his support.

17. Son Seong Yoon

Two beautiful actresses!

18. MIRAE’s Son Dongpyo

He shared on Bubble app.

19. Jung Hye Sung

The actress previously revealed she wants to collaborate with IU.

20. Park Sol Mi

Her daughter is a big fan of IU’s!

21. STAYC’s Sieun

She looked so cute at the concert!

22. Kang Ha Na

They’re close friends!

23. Jung Tae Woo

The actor shared his ticket to Instagram Stories.

24. Kang Mina

The singer and actress shared a photo of her lightstick.

25. Ock Joo Hyun

The actress and singer shared a photo after the concert.

26. Heize

A queen supporting a queen!

27. Kim Ho Young

The musical actor said it was “awesome!”

28. Lee Joon Gi

Our Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo leads reunited!

29. IU’s Dream cast and crew

Heo Joon Seok, Yang Hyun Min, Bae Yoo Ram (The Producers), and Lee Yu Mi attended…

Lee Haney appeared in IU’s K-Drama Dream.

Yang Hyun Min also went.

30. Park Ji Bin

The child actor has shard before they are like brother and sister!

31. DIA’s Yebin

Yebin shared on fancafe.

32. Ryu Abel

The actress was also in My Mister!

33. Lee Joo Young

She supported her Broker co-star!

34. T-ara’s Jiyeon

The idol member shared a cute photo of her lightstick to Instagram.

35. Woo Hee Jin

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo actresses together again!

36. Song Seung Heon and Kim Young Chul

Actor Song Seung Heon and Comedian Kim Young Chul attended together.

37. ITZY

They joined IU on stage.

38. Jay Park

He kept his promise!

Source: Koreaboo