8 Times K-Pop Idols Made Viewers Crave Jajangmyeon Noodle

8 Times K-Pop Idols Made Viewers Crave Jajangmyeon Noodle

If you’re a fan of mukbang, then this one’s for you. Idols are often spotted eating delicious meals, whether it’s on variety TV shows or during their own live broadcasts.

And yet, there is something about jajangmyeon (black bean sauce noodles) that makes the mouth water by simply thinking of it. Luckily for those who enjoy watching other people munch on food, this dish has been fairly slurped on camera. So here are a couple of jajangmyeon moments that will satiate your cravings, or perhaps entice them.

1. When EXO hosted various jajangmyeon mukbangs

This video compilation shows that the EXO members are quite the foodies when it comes to jajangmyeon, and they seem to share the same eating method: grabbing what seems to be quite a mouthful with chopsticks and slurping it down for the longest time possible until it no longer links back to the plate. Some of them even enjoy twigim (batter-fried foods) and tangsuyuk (sweet and sour crispy pork) between bites, will others mix jajangmyeon with yellow pickled radish.

2. When Girl’s Day’s Hyeri showed the cast of “We Got Married” her jajangmyeon eating skills

Speaking of big jajangmyeon mouthfuls, Hyeri easily takes the throne. Upon showcasing how she digs into her black bean noodles dish, many jaws dropped at the sight, opening their mouths almost as much as she does to take her picked portion all in one go. Fun fact, Hong Jong Hyun included the dish as part of the feast during this “We Got Married” episode to witness Hyeri’s special eating talent.

3. When MAMAMOO’s Hwasa shared her jajangmyeon special recipe with the cast of “Home Alone”

Hwasa has gone viral thanks to her appearance on “Home Alone,” where some of her solo activities include her deliciously crunching her meals in such a captivating manner. Even better, she actually cooks some of her food, including jajangmyeon. One the noodles are ready, she adds egg yolk on top and combines it with meatballs on the side. Her facial expressions say it all as she engorges herself with forkfuls one after the other.

4. When Kang Daniel combined jajangmyeon with an unusual snack

Home alone on an episode of “It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blanket,” Daniel is starving, and his meal of choice is naturally instant jajangmyeon. As his only meal of the day, he adds kimchi to his noodle bites but the spiciness catches up to him, and he starts acting weird on camera. Shortly after, he goes for a rather unusual snack to soothe his taste buds: gummy bears.

5. When EXID’s Hani slayed jajangmyeon eating on “Weekly Idol”

Hani is another idol foodie who is so fun to watch, and this blindfolded feeding game on “Weekly idol” puts her eating skills to the test. A blindfolded Jackson attempts to feed her a spoonful of black bean noodles. The catch? Once he lets go of the chopsticks, she has to eat the whole thing on her own, hands-free. Her partner in crime keeps stuffing her mouth until she can no longer keep up, which leads to a chaotic but hilarious scene. While Hani had a little bit of sauce all over her mouth, she proved to be up to the task.

6. BTS’s Jin and RM

During this live broadcast, the leader and the eldest member got together for a meal of jajangmyeon, small talk, hysterical laughter, and occasional singing among others. And most of the audible conversation includes a versatile collection of eating sounds more than anything else. The side dish of choice for both Jin and RM is dumplings that the pair gulp down with a rather rational portion of the noodles with every bite.

7. When Apink silently finished off jajangmyeon on “Weekly Idol”

When you watch videos of idols gobbling down jajangmyeon, they all have one thing in common: slurping sounds. However, Apink rises to the challenge in this segment of “Weekly Idol” where they have to finish the entire jajangmyeon plate without making any noise. The machine set near them records the intensity of the sound in the room, because of which everyone must stay absolutely quiet. Any detection over 70 decibels disqualifies the members. The last challenge, which is to chew a single radish, is successfully passed thanks to Son Naeun.

8. When TWICE’s Dahyun deliciously ate her jajangmyeon on “Girls Who Eat Well”

Another idol who takes her jajangmyeon with a variety of side dishes is Dahyun. The idol took part in an episode of “Girls Who Eat Well,” where she served a mukbang to remember, along with a pinch of aegyo. Dumplings and twigim were all part of the feast, with pouring and dipping sauces joining the food party. Despite being quite the foodie, Dahyun made little to no noise while eating as she merely took a morsel at every turn.

Source: Soompi