7 Times BLACKPINK Jisoo Exuded Powerful CEO Vibes With Cartier

7 Times BLACKPINK Jisoo Exuded Powerful CEO Vibes With Cartier

She always carries herself with elegance.

As world-class superstars, BLACKPINK are the definition of beauty and power. While all the girls have humble and sweet personalities, they wear confidence like it’s their second skin. Each member has a unique aura, and Jisoo’s is one of noble elegance. These 10 looks are proof that when she’s wearing Cartier, she’s the perfect depiction of a girl boss.

1. Black Or White

Jisoo in a pantsuit gives off young and rich CEO vibes.

2. “There Is A Shade Of Red For Every Woman.”

Bold and beautiful, Jisoo’s charisma explodes every time she wears red.

3. Welcome To Jisoo’s World

Jisoo’s minimalistic style brings out the best in luxury.

4. She’s A Goddess

Jisoo’s otherworldly visuals never fail to steal our breaths — and hearts — away.

5. Cartier’s Global Ambassador

Jisoo’s first event as Cartier’s global ambassador was the celebration of the Beautés du Monde collection in Madrid, and as always, she slayed.

6. “Typa Girl You Wanna Ice Up, Make Me Freeze.”

Jisoo and suits are a match made in heaven.

7. Playful But Powerful

Who says powerful people have to be serious all the time? Jisoo’s playful personality can’t be contained, and as soon as the cameras stop rolling, she’s back to her goofy self.

Source: Koreaboo