7 Music Videos Where K-Pop Idols Put Traditional Fashion Front And Center

7 Music Videos Where K-Pop Idols Put Traditional Fashion Front And Center

K-pop may be at the cutting edge of modern culture, but it’s always fun to bring it back to its roots.

Traditional Korean fashion that pays homage to bygone days adds an element of classic beauty that instantly elevates any look.

7 K-Pop MVs That Put Traditional Korean Fashion Front And Center

For some of the best examples of old-school Korean fashion, look no further! Here are just a few.

1. EXO’s Kai – “Peaches”

Featuring a stunning juxtaposition of traditional hanbok styles and ultra-modern streetwear, Kai’s “Peaches” music video showcases all the best that Korean fashion has to offer. The mix of art and architecture in the set also reflects some East Asian styles that have been popular for centuries. The resulting visuals are absolutely amazing!

2. TWICE – “Cheer Up”

TWICE showcases a lot of fashion versatility in this throwback track, but I can’t help but feel totally captivated by rapper Dahyun’s red-and-white floral hanbok! She even has her hair pulled back in a traditional style, and her accessories only elevate the look. The attention to detail is really what brings this look to the next level.


ONEUS definitely doesn’t shy away from traditional fashion, and their music videos are all the better for it! They’ve featured traditional Korean-inspired styles in a few of their music videos, but the looks from “LUNA” are particularly memorable. Not only are the outfits stunning, but the choreography also makes use of the Korean jeobseon, or folding paper fan.

4. (G)I-DLE – “HWAA”

The ladies of (G)I-DLE featured a lot of traditional Korean fashion elements in their “HWAA” music video – with a distinctly modern twist. Watch for the tasseled norigae worn at their waists and for Miyeon’s beaded hairpiece that’s reminiscent of pins worn with a hanbok. Even Yuqi’s glittery blue parasol pays homage to traditional Korean styles!

5. Stray Kids – “Back Door”

This music video is a masterclass in blending traditional Korean clothes with modern pieces to make the whole outfit more lux. By embracing patterns and embroidery inspired by hanbok and layering the jeogori, or jacket, over a simple t-shirt and trousers, Stray Kids proves that styles from the olden days still have a place in the future.

6. BLACKPINK – “How You Like That”

It’s impossible to mention modernized hanbok styles without talking about the looks from BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” music video. Their outfits keep all the elements of traditional Korean wear but shorten the length of the fabric to provide a breezier alternative to heavy skirts and jackets. The intricate beading, embroidery, and tassels really make these pieces special.

7. BTS – “IDOL”

BTS has promoted traditional Korean fashion on many occasions, and the looks from their “IDOL” music video made waves across the world. By leaving the jackets unfastened or loosely tied, their outfits have a perfect done-undone look that contrasts perfectly with the richly embroidered patterns and elegant fabrics. J-Hope’s look even features the gat, which is the black transparent hat traditionally worn by Korean noblemen. The look is timeless!

Source: Soompi