6 Reasons To Get Super Hyped For TWICE Nayeon’s Solo Debut

6 Reasons To Get Super Hyped For TWICE Nayeon’s Solo Debut

In case you haven’t heard (where have you been!?), Nayeon’s solo debut album “IM NAYEON” is coming out very soon!

If you’re not super familiar with the eldest TWICE member and her talents, or you just want a few more reasons to get excited, this is the perfect read. Let’s get started!

1. She’s the first TWICE member to get a solo debut

While the TWICE members have previously released covers of other artists’ music, Nayeon is the first member of the group to have a full solo debut of her own. If you want a little sneak peak of Nayeon’s amazing voice, check out this cover of Ariana Grande’s track “Love Is Everything.”

2. She’s the queen of cute concepts

Judging by the music teasers that have been released so far, it seems like “IM NAYEON” is going to be full of cute, fun tracks that are perfect for summer. Good news – Nayeon totally slays those concepts! Just look at how she glows during TWICE’s performances of “SCIENTIST” if you need proof.

3. Songs featuring Wonstein and Stray Kids’ Felix

Nayeon has already given fans a few snippets of songs that will be coming out on her album, and many were excited to see that she’s collaborating with two great artists – soloist Wonstein and Stray Kids‘ Felix! While this album is definitely Nayeon’s chance to shine, it’s fun to see her step out and work with other musicians too.

4. She wrote lyrics for the album

When the track list was revealed, fans were excited to note that Nayeon herself contributed to the lyrics for two of the tracks! While any song she sings is definitely going to be a hit, it will be amazing for listeners to hear more of Nayeon’s personal musical taste and experiences through her music.

5. She’s serving ALL the looks

Nayeon showed off several amazing looks in just this one trailer, proving that she looks beautiful in any outfit from a variety of styles and eras. The ’50s-style curls and headscarf are particularly memorable, but there are also several other looks from the teaser photos that are just as glamorous. She can really do it all!

6. More Nayeon content

For those who don’t know Nayeon very well, this little vlog is a great intro. (There are also snack recommendations, FYI.) Her personality is sweet, cute, and funny all in one, so ONCEs are definitely excited to see more content from TWICE’s oldest member. You really just can’t get enough Nayeon!

Source: Soompi