5 Times Proved BTS’s RM Is A True Leader

5 Times Proved BTS’s RM Is A True Leader

… even when he thought no one would know.

BTS‘s RM is one of the best leaders in K-Pop, and there are plenty of idols who look up to him due to his leadership. Throughout the years, there have been many moments where RM showed off his incredible leadership. Here are 5 of these moments.

1. Wanting J-Hope to do the acceptance speech when they won “Best Male Dance Performance Group” at the 2016 MAMA

At the 2016 MAMA, BTS won the “Best Male Dance Performance Group” award. RM specifically wanted J-Hope to accept the award and do the acceptance speech since J-Hope is the dancer leader of the group.

Not only that, but RM also pushed Jimin and Jungkook up to the front during the acceptance speech.

2. Saying that the members make him a great leader

While RM is an incredible leader, he is quite humble whenever he’s asked to give his opinions about being the leader. RM often says that the other members are the reason why he’s a great leader.

"Truthfully, I’m not suffering because I am the leader. There are some parts that may be a bit difficult and annoying, but because the members admit and acknowledge those parts, it gives me a reason and purpose of being the leader. The members think of me more than what I have done and that’s enough for me."

⁠— RM

3. Talking to Big Hit Entertainment when J-Hope left the company

In an episode of Burn The Stage, J-Hope revealed that he left Big Hit Entertainment (BTS’s agency) when he was a trainee. When J-Hope made this decision, the members couldn’t believe it.

RM then shared that he spoke with the people at Big Hit Entertainment when J-Hope made this decision, as he believed that they needed J-Hope. Thankfully, J-Hope changed his mind and decided to stay at Big Hit Entertainment.

"I told them we needed Jung Hoseok (J-Hope’s real name). We need Jung Hoseok, we can’t make it without him. I worked really hard to convince them."

— RM

4. RM’s positive message to his fellow trainees

Jihoon, also known as Brightoon from his YouTube channel Brightoon TV, is a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee who once trained alongside the BTS members. He once shared a story of when RM showed his leadership when they were trainees. Jihoon shared that one day when all the trainees at Big Hit Entertainment were practicing, RM gathered everyone together so that he could give a message. RM told all the trainees that while they might be competing with each other for a debut spot, it should all be done in good spirit.

"I might fail to be a BTS member, and it might be Jihoon that becomes a BTS member or another friend that could be one.

We don’t know who is going to become what. But when we are competing against each other, let’s have competition in good faith."

— RM

RM also told all the trainees that they should help one another if anyone starts falling behind in practice.

5. RM’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly

RM gave quite a powerful speech at the United Nations General Assembly with UNICEF in 2018.

"So let’s all take one more step. We have learned to love ourselves, so now I urge you to speak yourself.

I’d like to ask all of you, ‘What is your name? What excites you and makes your heart beat?’ Tell me your story. I wanna hear your voice and hear your conviction.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin color, your gender identity, just speak yourself. Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself."

— RM

In his speech, RM thanked his fellow members for allowing him to reach his goals. Not only that, but he also thanked ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) for all the love they give them.

"After releasing our “Love Yourself” albums and “Love Myself” campaign, we started to hear remarkable stories from our fans all over the world – how our message helped them overcome their hardships in life and start loving themselves. Those stories constantly remind us of our responsibility.

BTS has become artists performing in those huge stadiums and selling millions of albums right now – but I am still an ordinary 24-year-old guy. If there’s anything that I’ve achieved, it was only possible because I have my other BTS members right by my side, and because of the love and support that our ARMY fans all over the world made for us."

— RM