Top 4 artists most likely to take over Gallup Korea’s Top Artists 2020

Top 4 artists most likely to take over Gallup Korea’s Top Artists 2020

It's only half way through 2020 but Korean netizens have already been excited enough to predict the Gallup Korea’s Top...

It's only half way through 2020 but Korean netizens have already been excited enough to predict the Gallup Korea’s Top Artists of 2020.


Starting in 2007, Gallup Korea conducted a large-scale survey every year to find the most popular people in various fields such as singers, actors, comedians, and athletes. This is considered to be an extremely prestigious poll, having great reference value when it is specific in the number of people throughout Korea participated and is classified by age ranges. Therefore, every December, Korean netizens wait for the results of this chart to see which faces are really high in recognition and greatly affect the South Korean public.

One of the most anticipated results is the Gallup Korea’s Top Artists of the year, including solo artists and idol groups. Here are 4 names that are predicted to have the highest chance of winning this title according to a topic discussed on Theqoo forum.

BTS (Idol Group)


BTS is still the leading candidate for the Gallup Korea’s Top Artists of 2020. This year continues to mark the success of this Big Hit's boy group as they further empower their influence across the world. In particular, their latest album sales of more than 4 million copies still shocks Korean netizens, and media reports often refer to the group with an unending record. In addition, it is very likely that BTS will make a comeback in the second half of 2020 and continue to affirm its position in the Korean entertainment industry.

For these reasons, BTS's public awareness is expected to be strong enough to score them the top spot on Gallup Korea’s Top Artists of 2020. In fact, the group has topped the list for 2 consecutive years, 2018 and 2019, and if the group made another hat-trick, perhaps Korean netizens would not be surprised.

LIM YOUNG WOONG (Solo trot singer)


In the past 2 years, BTS almost had no rival in the race to the top of the chart. However, by 2020, a rookie emerged with extremely formidable power. He is no one other than trot singer Lim Young Woong - the champion of the program the caused a fever in the Korean public 'Mr. Trot'. The male singer has a powerful fandom that once held back BLINKs (BLACKPINK's fandom) from achieving early PAK for 'How You Like That' on the digital music charts. He also followed BTS's No.1 on the brand reputation rankings with a score of more than 13. million - something not every artist can do.

Although Lim Young Woong doesn't have global influence like BTS, after all, Gallup is a chart made only for Korean people. Not only that, the male singer born in 1991 also has the advantage of pursuing Trot music, the favorite genre of people above 40 years old. Korean netizens said that although difficult, Lim Young Woong still has the ability to make a miracle at this year's Gallup Korea’s Top Artists.

IU (Solo singer)

It is only half way through 2020 but IU has already had 3 songs reigning on the Korean digital music charts: 'Give You My Heart', 'Eight' and 'Into the I-LAND'. Whether it is a collaboration, an OST or a theme song for a music show, every song helps IU lead the music charts and 2 out of those 3 songs have earned PAK.

The "Nation's Little Sister" has also appeared in the Top 5 of this chart in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. With such achievements, IU is also very likely to reach No.1 or continue to present in the top 3 of the rankings in 2020.

BLACKPINK (Idol Group)


Although the group is more commonly known internationally, 2020 can be a completely different year for them. BLACKPINK has just made their comeback with 'How You Like That', which immediately swept the digital music charts and helped the girls become the first idol group to earn PAK in 2020. BLACKPINK will also release their new album in the second half of 2020. This will help the group receive more attention from the South Korean people - the key factor to achieve high rankings on the Gallup Korea’s Top Artists of 2020.

Notably, some other Korean netizens thinks that TWICE should be the girl group nominated instead of BLACKPINK. TWICE may not have a great PAK like BLACKPINK, but the JYP girl group still has a strong foothold in K-Pop and has a high public awareness. Since 2016, TWICE has always been in the Top 10, so the possibility of this group being named this year is not low.