4 Most Heartbreaking Things That EVER Happened To BLACKPINK

4 Most Heartbreaking Things That EVER Happened To BLACKPINK

Number 4 was just vile. While the members of BLACKPINK are currently enjoying great success, they’ve had to endure a...

Number 4 was just vile.

While the members of BLACKPINK are currently enjoying great success, they’ve had to endure a lot of heartbreaking incidents throughout their lives. Here’s a list of 4 of the most heartbreaking things that have happened to the BLACKPINK members.

Jisoo getting called “ugly”


In a clip from BLACKPINK’s documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, Jisoo revealed that when she was younger, she got treated like an outcast by some of her relatives due to her being “ugly”.

These relatives even called Jisoo a “monkey”.

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Jennie and hate comments


Earlier this year, BLACKPINK attended #AWESOMELIVE, which is a live-streamed fan event for Samsung Indonesia. However, fans were incredibly upset during this event, as Jennie was exposed to many hate comments from anti-fans.

Fans were upset at the hosts of the event for allowing this to happen. Not only that, but fans were also upset since the hosts were seemingly ignoring Jennie throughout the event.

After this, fans demanded an apology from the hosts.

Lee Jeong Hoon, the host of the event, then released a statement on his Instagram saying that the event’s organizers, who prepared his material, told him not to ask the members too many questions. He also wrote, “I hope you will understand the conditions of all of us who are in your summon or backstage.” 


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Rosé getting ignored by a “fan”


The BLACKPINK members have had to endure a lot of heartbreaking moments where they got ignored by “fans”. A YouTube channel by the name of Knet Entertainment made a video that showed some of these moments. One time, a “fan” got chosen to take a picture with Rosé, but the “fan” completely ignored her.

This shocked all the BLACKPINK members, and Rosé didn’t know how to react.

This “fan” then went up to Lisa, and she had to explain the situation to the “fan”.

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Lisa getting ??????? by her former manager


Earlier this year, it was revealed that Lisa’s former manager had stolen around ₩1 billion KRW ($817,661 USD) from her. The former manager had promised Lisa that he would use the money to help her invest in real estate, but in reality, he used it all on ????????. Not only that, but this former manager was someone who was with BLACKPINK since their debut in 2016 and was someone Lisa trusted.

"Lisa is a foreign member of BLACKPINK, and she has been alone in Korea since she was young, so she can be very vulnerable to these kinds of things, such as economic ideals.

It is very unfortunate that things like this are happening in the industry. It is a serious matter that can damage the image of [proper] Korean management." - Official.

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