3 Times K-Pop Groups Were Cut Off While Performing

3 Times K-Pop Groups Were Cut Off While Performing

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Here are three times K-pop idol groups were unfairly cut off during a performance.

Here are 3 Times K-Pop Groups Were Cut Off While Performing

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1. Red Velvet

In 2020, Red Velvet was one of the artists in the line-up that performed at the SBS ON:TACT 2020 Gangnam Festival stage. However, during the television re-run of the performance, Red Velvet's set was cut entirely and did not air. This is because days after the live event, it was revealed by a fashion editor that leader Irene was rude to her, sparking several personality scandals.

Red Velvet

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It is speculated that the station did not want to be involved in the controversy and deliberately cut off Red Velvet's performance. SBS released a statement saying Red Velvet was cut off from the televised segment due to the lack of broadcast time. They stated that viewers who wanted to watch Red Velvet's performance could do so on the SBS YouTube channel.

2. Apink

In 2019, Apink performed at the KBS Gayo Daechukje. The girl group performed their hit track "%% (Eung Eung)." As they reached the climax of their performance, Apink's time on stage was suddenly cut. The screen turned off to signal the end of their performance and immediately played another group's intro while the group was still on stage.


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The sudden stop caught the Apink members by surprise, and the members had no time to react when the staff members went on stage to bring the members down the stage. After the event, the girls held a live stream, and leader Chorong burst into tears. The other members tried to cheer up the fans and their members.

After the incident, KBS apologized to Apink, but many are still bitter about the situation.


In 2018, BLACKPINK performed at the Lotte Duty-Free Family Festival. While performing "Forever Young," a staff member for the event ran up the stage and asked to cut the music. Immediately after, the group was asked to leave the stage, which confused the audience.


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A statement was soon released, saying that they were forced to cut BLACKPINK's performance due to an internal problem. While BLACKPINK was initially intended to perform again, Jennie had her own solo schedule, forcing the group to leave without completing their set. Many were angered by the event organizers and their lack of organization. Some even demanded a refund.

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