10 Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Hottest Moments Of 2021

10 Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Hottest Moments Of 2021

Which is the hottest moment?

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is undeniably hot!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Lisa has always been gorgeous, but she’s given us even more opportunities to be in awe of her beauty this year. Here are 10 of her hottest moments from the past year!

10. Her Vogue Japan photoshoot

Lisa’s photoshoot for the June 2021 edition of Vogue Japan is simply unforgettable!

She showed off her toned figure in a CELINE sports bra, and she stunned in a rocker chic look we’ll definitely be talking about for years to come.

9. When she wore a literal BOW as a shirt

Lisa is truly a gift, so it’s only fitting that she would wear a bow!

Lisa was the cover star for Vogue Hong Kong‘s July 2021 issue and she wore a leather bow tube top on the cover. She paired the bow with vinyl effect trousers, and the outfit showed off her super tiny waist. To sum it up, she looked absolutely stunning in this outfit!

8. Her sexy “Say So” outfit

Lisa’s solo stage from THE SHOW was iconic!

She performed Doja Cat‘s “Say So,” and she was dressed in a gorgeous black and gold dress. Her dramatic cat eye makeup and long, curly hair made the look even more glamorous. This was definitely a serve!

7. This iconic look

Lisa was so stunning in this outfit!

Her matching black top and shorts were made more glamorous by her chain mail inspired coverup. She looked so fierce!

6. When she rocked this adorable cropped cardigan

This top was super popular with K-Pop idols this year, and it looked incredible on Lisa!

The top showed off her impossibly flat stomach and her black pants showed that she’s got legs for DAYS!

5. Biker Lisa

Lisa looks super hot on motorcycles!

She rode a motorcycle in the “LALISA” video, and she looked like a total baddie.

She wore a gorgeous red jumpsuit while riding the bike, and it was a major serve!

4. This “LALISA” stage outfit

Lisa was the definition of pretty in pink in this outfit!

The fuzzy pink outfit looked super cozy but super sexy at the same time!

3. This “LALISA” album teaser

The third visual teaser for LALISA was a masterpiece!

Lisa was alluring and breathtaking as she swung from a chain. Of course, as a true dancer, she had her toes perfectly pointed as she swung. This teaser definitely had us hype for her solo debut!

2. The entire “MONEY” performance video

This performance video left us all shook!

From her twerking, to her charismatic facial expressions, everything Lisa did in this video was hot hot hot!

1. Her pole dance routine in the “LALISA” music video

Lisa shocked fans with her pole dance routine in the “LALISA” music video!

While everyone knows Lisa is an amazing dancer, fans were amazed that she had gotten so good at pole dancing after taking only a few lessons ahead of the video shoot. This just shows how talented Lisa truly is!