Suzy looks cool and cute in 'Start-Up' first steel cuts

Suzy looks cool and cute in 'Start-Up' first steel cuts

Suzy appears in a cool and cute looking in the first steel cuts of tvN's upcoming drama 'Start-Up'.

tvN's new Saturday-Sunday drama "Start-Up" is a drama that depicts the beginning (START) and growth (UP) of young people who have entered start-ups dreaming of success in Korea's Silicon Valley sandbox.


Among them, the first still with colorful charms was released, drawing more attention. In particular, the scene where she wore a T-shirt with the words "CEO" engraved on it, which she had dreamed of, was captured, arousing curiosity. Seo Dal Mi (Suzy), who is even wearing a microphone, looks tense, but she feels a firm determination in it, making her heartbeat.

However, for a while, the overwhelming emotion is also seen, and "CEO Seo Dal Mi" is working hard at the cafe without going anywhere. It stimulates curiosity about how she will jump into the start-up business and get on stage.


In addition, the character in the cafe displays her sense and ability to work part-time jobs despite the crowded situation with customers, and gives her a pleasant energy with a relaxed smile. In addition, a photo of Seo Dal Mi holding a microphone and asking questions at a lecture hall shows her eyes filled with conviction and her confident charm, drawing attention.

"Suzy looks just like the drain", the production team of "Start-Up," said. "I have the power to make people around me smile with bright looks in the drama and in reality. I hope you will be comforted by cheering together on what kind of dreams Seo Dal Mi dreams and how she realizes them".

Meanwhile, the drama will premiere in October as a reunion between Park Hye Ryeon, who wrote "Pinocchio" and "I Hear Your Voice," and Oh Choong Hwan, who directed hit drama "Hotel Del Luna" and "Doctors."