K-Dramas About Idols, Actors, Models, And Trainees

K-Dramas About Idols, Actors, Models, And Trainees

If you're interested in working in the Korean entertainment industry or simply just curious as to how the industry works behind the scenes, these K-dramas will give you an inside look at what happens behind the camera for idols, actors, models, and trainees.

They also show the real-life struggles they face off-camera, showing you just how human they actually are.


Imitating stories of idols in the entertainment industry, as well as having a cast filled with idols (SF9, ATEEZ, U-KISS, T-ARA, PRISTIN, Boys Republic, g.o.d), this drama is one you should not miss if you want to look into what it's like living as an idol. KBS even opened social media accounts for the idol groups in the drama, making the story seem very real.

Sh**ting Stars

This drama does not only look into the life of a top-star actor but also what it's like to work in the Public Relations team for an entertainment company. The life of a PR practitioner may seem all fun and glamorous, but it's not as easy as you think. However, if you have passion for it, all the hard work will be so worth it in the end.

Record of Youth

A look into the lives of those wanting to be in fashion and a little bit of the acting industry. Just as hard as breaking into any industry; it's hard work and perseverance that will help you get there. A drama that shows that strength, patience, and passion are what will help you achieve your dreams.

The Producers

As much as it is fun to watch, the hard work that goes behind the scene often goes unnoticed. There are no 9 to 5 working in this industry, and this drama shows that, with all the filming, editing, and all-night meetings.

Love in Contract

This drama's premise isn't focused on the industry, but it does show how sometimes idols get pressured by rumors, things get blown out of proportion, and they have to handle stalkers.

Idol: The Coup

This heart-aching drama is about a group on the verge of disbandment and only needs one big win to save their group. With lots of new groups popping up left and right, it may be hard to succeed in a sea of talented people, and some groups who are actual gems might just get buried unnoticed.

Let Me Be Your Knight

Another drama about idols starring actual idols. This drama gives a deeper look at idols' non-public life and struggles, where a world star idol who suffers from sleepwalking, overcomes it.

So I Married An Anti-Fan

This webtoon-based drama is about a top star and his anti-fan living together. This drama shows top stars' struggles that are not visible or known to the public, as they always have to appear perfect to the public's eye.

Her Private Life

Instead of the behind-the-scenes of the industry, this drama focuses more on how the public always misinterprets situations and the people involved having to find ways to fix them.

Top Management

This YouTube Original drama is about a manager that was recently hired at an entertainment agency and using her ability to see the future to succeed in the industry. Of course, this is more on the fictional side with such abilities, but imagine if we do have such abilities. Wouldn't that just be great?

Her Bucket List

This web drama goes into the life of a trainee and overcoming their personal fears, such as having stage fright. How does one overcome their fear so that they are able to achieve their dreams?

Fly Again

Another web drama, Fly Again, depicts the story of students dreaming of becoming idols and their determination to achieve their dreams, despite the rough and unclear road.

Must You Go?

This drama depicts another example of how idols are pressured to only show their good side to the public and struggle with scandals. For some reason, SF9's Chani must have the perfect characteristics of an idol or someone born to be a star because he is in this one too, and I'm not complaining!

Be My Boyfriend

S spin-off of the 2019 series “Best Mistake," this web drama shows the life of high school students striving as trainees to become idols.

Dream High

You have probably heard of this famous 2011 K-drama about six performing arts high school students who strive to become idols.


Sometimes it's hard to figure out and balance being a public figure and just an average guy. This drama tells the story of how an actor tries to navigate his struggles of being an actor and a man.

Some of these dramas are not entirely focused on the industry itself, but they do have characters who are in the industry. So, here are some honorable mentions.

  • True Beauty
  • Must You Go
  • Shadow Beauty
  • Run On
  • Replay: The Moment
  • On Air: The Secret Contact
  • One Fine Week 2

Source: Allkpop