Actress Han Ga In’s Adorable Mistake On Instagram Has Fans “Laughing Their Heads Off”

Actress Han Ga In’s Adorable Mistake On Instagram Has Fans “Laughing Their Heads Off”

“Unnie, you’re so cute.”

Actress Han Ga In proved that even on Instagram, she is one of the most likable celebrities ever.

Han Ga In | Joongang ilbo

On September 21, the actress uploaded a post onto her Instagram along with a short message to her fans.

SBS’s Sing For Gold airs its first episode this Friday at 6 pm! Incredible singers will be on! Please look out for it. — Han Ga In

Han Ga In, who recently started her Instagram, also had an adorable P.S. message for fans.

P.S. Do you know how to get Instagram’s blue check mark? — Han Ga In

The first page of the post had a promo clip for the show. The second page, however, shocked fans when a photo of the actress was uploaded that was cut off from her neck.

Han Ga In | @hangaingagari/Instagram

The actress then uploaded a story saying the picture was uploaded like that by mistake and uploaded a proper photo of the star.

This is the actual photo, lol. — Han Ga In

The actress’s adorable mistake brought laughter to her fans, who didn’t hold back showering Han Ga In with their appreciation for the star.

  • Unnie, you’re so cute.”
  • “LOL.”
  • “This person is so charming!”
  • “Unnie, you have to resize the photo, LOL.”
  • “She asked, ‘How do you get the blue check.’ LOL.”
  • “I thought it was an advertisement for a dress or necklace company. What a pro, LOL.”
  • “Ga In unnie is so funny.”
  • “Ga In unnie is hilarious.”
  • “Wow, I laughed the hardest.”

Fans also didn’t forget to help and inform the actress on how to get verified on Instagram.

You have to go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Account’ – ‘Apply for verification’ and apply unnie

— Netizen

Han Ga In will be greeting her fans through SBS‘s new musical program Sing For Gold, airing this Friday at 6 pm. The program, which features JYP’s Park Jin Young, dancer Lia Kim, producer Kim Hyung Suk, and singer Lee Moo Jin, alongside Han Ga In, will showcase Korea’s best choir groups and singing ensembles. Check out the show’s trailer in the link below!

Source: Koreaboo