15 Breathtaking Moments When Song Hye Kyo Made Our Hearts Flutter With Her Timeless Beauty

15 Breathtaking Moments When Song Hye Kyo Made Our Hearts Flutter With Her Timeless Beauty

If #4 took your breath away, wait till you see #15.

There’s a reason why top actress Song Hye Kyo remains popular in the Korean entertainment scene…

…even after more than two decades in the industry.

Her amazing acting ability is one reason — after all, who else can play the role of an innocent aspiring writer…

…and transform into a brave doctor who doesn’t want to compromise her beliefs, even if it meant losing the love of her life other than Song Hye Kyo, right?

In addition to her undeniable talent in acting, she remains in the top spot of popular Korean actresses because of her timeless visuals.

Her visuals are no joke: she started her career after winning first place in the SunKyung Smart Model Contest in 1996 and 24 years later, she still makes millions of jaws drop because of her out-of-this-world visuals!

Here are 15 moments of Song Hye Kyo’s gorgeous looks you can enjoy today:

1. Red lipstick on point

Song Hye Kyo - Song Hye Kyo Fan Art (39951427) - Fanpop

2. Girly charms are forever

Song Hye Kyo has short hair, wears a beautiful dress, and is in love with  the standard office style - Blogtuan.info

3. She’s mastered the art of looking gorgeous, even during “wind effects”

Song Hye Kyo was criticized for being stagnant, one color

4. Stunning lady in red

Song hye kyo in 2022 | Selebritas, Fotografi

5. Short-haired Hye Kyo with Audrey Hepburn vibes

Pin by . L on Encounter KDrama | Song hye kyo, Korean short hair, Song hye  kyo style

6. You can see two flowers in this moment

Ngoại hình tuổi 40 của Song Hye Kyo có gì đặc biệt mà báo Hàn lại thốt lên  điều này?

7. Pretty in peach

Muốn mặc đẹp và thanh lịch như Song Hye Kyo: Hãy đến Zara ngay!

8. There’s an art to pouting and posing

Pin by Sampai on 可拍 | Song hye kyo style, Fashion, Model poses

9. Sowing off her pearly whites — literally!

Passing Of "Terrace House" Star Hana Kimura Leads To Outcry From Fans And  Celebrities Against Cyberbullying - Koreaboo

10. Candid moment, and she’s still glowing

Song Hye Kyo đẹp hoàn hảo trong lần xuất hiện mới nhất

11. Natural makeup to enhance her visuals

Pin by Life is Beautiful ♥ on Song Hye-kyo ♥ 송혜교 | Song hye kyo, Korean  beauty, Beauty

12. Captivating eyes that stare into your soul

HEBOH! Song Hye Kyo Disebut Tak Pantas Berperan Sebagai Mahasiswi, Fansnya  Balas Balik Kritik Pedas Itu - Portal Bangka Belitung - Halaman 2

13. Sexy smirk with an innocent expression on her face

Song Hye Kyo trang điểm 'lột xác'

14. Perfecting the Korean dewy skin

Song Hye Kyo tiết lộ thay đổi hậu ly hôn, nói đúng một câu cũng đủ 'đá  xoáy' Song Joong Ki?

15. Can you believe this amazing woman is almost 40?

Song Hye Kyo đẹp ngỡ ngàng tuổi 40, không hổ "quốc bảo nhan sắc"

Source: Koreaboo