Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) has shown off her perfect charisma with long black hair in the new photoshoots with W Korea which wraps up in ‘Louis Vuitton‘ products.


‘W Korea’ has revealed photos and videos of their October issue featuring Taeyeon in ‘Louis Vuitton’ productions. The color of the photos signaled a ‘workaholic concept‘, as Taeyeon modeled like a professional employee inside the office.

On September 4th, the singer posted photos and videos of a pictorial she took with W Korea on her Instagram account. The released post contained Taeyeon, who collaborated with a luxury brand. Straight bangs, straight and dark black hair, create a charismatic atmosphere. In particular, the video showed her using a photocopier, who showed off her office look. A career woman-like aura caught the eye.


Her fans and netizens responded with various responses such as “Wow, there’s no concept that you can’t digest“, “I’ll copy the team leader”, “It’s so pretty”, “What is Taeyeon lacking?” and “It’s literally gorgeous.”

She said she was going through “Corona” while hosting Instagram Live on August 28. At the time, he said, “I’m actually very sad that I don’t think there are many more opportunities to meet you.


In fact, the singer has been unable to perform after canceling her solo concert in Singapore scheduled for February due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection (19).