On the 6th, a global beauty brand Lancome released an autumn-season makeup pictorial with the muse, Suzy.


The pictorial with Marie Claire was pre-released online on the afternoon of October 5th, and Suzy perfectly digested each makeup look with her unique beauty and aura, completing an emotional cut with a scent of autumn.


In the released pictorial, the beautiful singer-actress showed off a variety of charms, ranging from urban chic charm to unique pure charm, depending on her makeup style and outfit atmosphere, with poses and eyes acting that match the concept of the pictorial. From deep eyes to delicate facial expressions that seem to contain stories, to cuts that redouble her loveliness with her signature lively poses, Suzy‘s charm catches the eye.


Meanwhile, Suzy will return to the small screen for the first time in a year with tvN’s new weekend drama “Start-Up,” which will premiere on the 17th. “Start-Up” is a drama that depicts the beginning (START) and growth (UP) of young people who have started their own businesses dreaming of success in Silicon Valley in Korea. Suzy will play the role of Seo Dal Mi, a confident heroine who dreams of becoming a Korean Steve Jobs and lead the play with her unique bright, and lovely charm.