Elle Korea‘ reveals 8 unique manly October edition covers featuring the members of SuperM, showing their visual explosion.


The October issue of ‘Elle Korea’ will feature 8-unique covers, including solo cover versions of all 7 SuperM’s members, as well as a group cover version. This marks the ‘super boy group’ first-ever pictorial spread for a domestic entertainment magazine.


In a recent interview and pictorial for Elle magazine, they shared their thoughts on their upcoming album and the strengths of their group.

After dropping their two pre-release singles “100” and “Tiger Inside” over the past several weeks, SuperM is currently gearing up to return with their very first full-length album “Super One” on September 25.

Explaining what he hoped to achieve with the upcoming album, Taemin shared, “Our first goal is to clearly establish our identity as a group and leave a strong impression through this album.” Kai agreed, “We want to show our hidden potential through our promotions as SuperM.”


Baekhyun remarked that the SuperM members’ differences and individual strengths made the group even stronger when combined, commenting, “By mixing together members who all had their own distinctive styles and colors within their respective groups, we plan to show a new kind of potential as SuperM.”

He went on to tease that fans could look forward to their choreography for their new title track, adding, “You’ll be able to see a dance performance that’s truly SM Entertainment’s classic style.”


Taeyong, Mark, Ten, and Lucas also expressed complete confidence in their upcoming title track.

The title track of our album ‘Super One,’ which will soon be released, is all of the members’ favorite song from the album,” they shared. “Please look forward to SuperM’s unique brand of majestic performance.”

SuperM Elle Korea special pictorial can be found in the October issue of Elle.